Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The News Day 40!

Heey Chobots,
Wow its the 40th edition of a The News Day post!its also my first time im blogging from my phone.Today i have some interesting informations for you readers !

-Chollywood celebrities results
-Agent poll
-Councilor Poll

this week i saw some chobots celebrities like justin choieber or chohanna.But the best chollywood star's are:
                                                       Toastytim with hanna Montana.
Rosey2000 with justin bieber

                                                                Alexa with Adele.

Toastytim got: a remote controller,14 days of citizen ship and 10'000 bugs
Rosey2000 got: a remote controller 10 Days of citizenship and 8,500 Bugs
Alexa got: a remote controller,5000 bugs and 7 days of citizenship.

This week you voted for our new agent,now we go to the second round and last are our candidates:

                               Vote your future on this link -->
                                The poll ends in 2 days and only 1 candidate can win
                               You also can vote for a new councilor:
                             So we arrived at the end and i hope you are informated round about chobots!

                                          Thanks for reading,see you on chobots
                                                                   Our bebot.

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