Thursday, February 28, 2013

Arcade winners + New Items !

Heey Chobots,
Few Days ago,the staff team hosted a gamezone contest.
All games in the gamezone was open for you.
After 4 days of hard work,are here the winners:
Congrats guys,the 1st place got 1st place medal,
5000 Bugs and 5 Days of citizenship
The 2nd place got 2nd place medal,4000 Bugs and 4 Days of Citizenship 

Finally the Nichos are gone and the shop is again full of clothes.
There are some new items too,lets check it:

There are a lot of ''St.Patricks Day'' items,because march is early and
that means St.Patrick will visit us in Chobots ;)!Stay tuned for more informations!
That was it for the moment see ya !

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nicho Party review !

Heey Chobots,
I promisse that i will post some Party pictures for you.But first i wanna say thank you to the staff team for hosting this awsome Party.We had much fun and cool music !The rain was great too we had so many rare items.Okay for those who lost the party are here some pic's:
You see it was once again a beautiful Party!
Im happy to announce that sheridan,max and Blik are back,
The bad Nichos has taken them away from chobots for a while!

Thanks for reading and hope to see ya soon !

Monday, February 25, 2013

Nichos Party !

Heey Nichos,
After waiting  a long time its finally 25th of February.
Today the Nichos have taken over Chobots!
Chobots changed much check yourself :)
Everything is purple now and we have a new statue !
Okay lets go to the Party !

When ? at 8:30 Pm Cho-Time
Where ?at the Nichos Kingdom
Why ? Macig and rare rain!

Hope to see you there.
i will post some pictures after the Party :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The News Day 28!

Heey Guys,
Today i decide to make a ''The News Day '' post because i have a lot to report!
We gonna talk about new Contest,Game Night winners and Gifting problems.
Okay we start with the new Contest.
The staff team had a great idea,every game in the Gamezone is open for 3 days.
You can play all 5 games there and the 1st and the 2nd will get prizes.
you have until 27 of February.And don't forget,
cheating is not the right way !!
Second theme is the Game Night,Yesterday it started at 7:15 Pm Cho-Time and ended 
9:15 Pm Cho-Time.There was a great party with rain and a lot of magic.
Here are the inners of each game:

  - Asteroid: Ubuntu
- Cho Board: Darkwarrior
- Cho Ball: Waash17
- Crab War: Dizzymckirby7777
- Robo Factory: Monzter
- Sweet Battle: Enhance
- Palm Painting: Malinki
- Nicho Racer: Awesomez1
- Garbage Collector: Venii39
- Space Racer: Markl77
- Rope Pull: Comebackiid
- Sliders: Eathan
- Checkers: Plinfalie
- Chess: Chobito
- Cow Mission: Sheko
- Coin Rain: Charlotta

    Congrats each of you got 5 Days of Citizenship,5000 Bugs and a game Controller!
    Okay lets come to the last theme.
    The support team got many email's about the gifting problems,because many users got scammed.
    So the moderators posted that on the main blog and write this:

    Gifting: Chobots currently offers exclusive Citizens the ability to gift. Gifting is meant to be used responsibly. "Gift for Gift" (trading one item for another) is allowed, but the Chobots Team will not be held accountable if you or another Chobot has been scammed. You take full responsibility of where and to who you send your items. Be careful!

    So if you want to do ''gift for gift'' its your responsibility !!
    Okay now you know the latest news round about chobots.
    Hope you learn more about the trading rules and see you next time !

    Saturday, February 23, 2013

    Graffiti Contest

    Heey Guys,
    Koiz hosted a new kind of a Drawing contest.
    But you need to draw on the Agent or Citizen wall!
    You can draw what you like and comment your
    entry on the official Chobots Blog!Click Here
    You have until wednesday the 27th of February
    I wish you all the best and can't wait to see the 
    cool drawings :)!

    Game Night !

    Heey Chobots,
    Thanks Pain :)!
    We will have a Game Night later today! Its the last Game night in this month.
    A Game Night is for those who want to earn citizenship and other prizes.
    You need to play a game for 2 hours and you must be the 1st of the Game.
    If you won the Game Night you will get Citizenship,Bugs and a Game controller.
    Notice: Do not cheat.If you cheat and and a user or a staff member see that,you will get disqualification !!
    The Game Night starts at 7:15 PM Cho-Time !
    I wish you good Luck and see you there

    Thursday, February 21, 2013

    New Updates !

    Heey Guys,
    After the valentine topic,we have a new NICHO update.
    I think its for the 25 of february ( Day of the nichos ).
    i love the new Nicho updates,check yourself:

    You see everything is brighter now,the hearth balloons and chopix are gone.

    The 25th of February will coming soon so be tuned and check the main blog for more informations :)

    Wednesday, February 20, 2013

    Palm Painting Contest Winners !

    Heey Guys,
    After a week of hard work,are here the top 3 of the best palm painters!
    The winners are: 
    Oreos with 6061 Points
    Plinfalie with 4816 Points
    Swifter with 3701 Points

    each of you got citizenship,bugs and a medal.
    Congrats buddies.
    we will have more contest soon !

    0 Age Party !

    Heey Chobots,
    Long time we hadn't a theme party.Now its time to remember the old times when we was young like 1 or 2 days old in chobots.We celebrate the 0 Age Party today at 9:30 Pm Cho-Time,in the eco location.Meet us there,i'm sure we will have a lot of fun.

    Sunday, February 17, 2013

    New Agents!

    Heey Chobots.
    I was a little busy this 2 days so you didn't saw me playing a lot,
    but now i have time to post the new Agents.The 7 candidates was Adster015,Bluezorogirl13,Funnyguy2,Newy82,Pain,spencer,woolyfleece
    Yes newy82 and pain are the new Agents.I think they are great agents
    and they really deserves it.
    So that was it for today see ya in chobots :)

    Friday, February 15, 2013

    Palm Painting Contest!

    Koiz hosted a new Contest! This time its a palm painting contest.
    Its a cool idea from koiz,Chobots will looking more colorful !
    You have until Monday the 18th of February .
    Don't forgot,Cheating is not allowed,you will get banned!
    So Good luck and see us later on the pictionary with jake :)

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    Agents Nomination !

    Heey Guys,
    Long time ago we had an agent poll right,So now the chobots team is searching new agents.
    Its your chance to be an agent.If you want to recommend an user you need to comment on the official blog post with the 2 agents who should be an agent and why.
    Dont forgot to recommend 2 Users ,and please don't cheat !
    Don't take it because its yoru friend,be honest and vote for those,how deserves it !
    So i wish you all the best and if you don't win this time,
    don't be sad,to be an agent is a hard work.
    And you will have a new chance next time :)!
    Comment your featured agents Here

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013

    The News Day 27 !

    Heey Guys,
    Long time ago i didn't post a ''The News Day'' post.
    So i decide to post one ,because i have a lot to report.
    First one we have Updates,Contest and Party time !
    Yeah we have new valentine Updates for the ''week of love.
    The Updates are great,Because we have a new catalog for 
    only this week,there are some cool items for valentine check yourself

    The special catalog called '' Cupids catalog'' is in the eco shop.
    Great right.

    Next theme is The new contest.
    Blik hosted a new Contest called ''cupid's newspaper ''
    if you want to win this contest you need to make a story about valentine and don't forget the decoration.The staff team will judge about creativity so be creative :)
    Here is the template you can use it and if you finished your template comment it on the official blog post:

    Comment your entry Here

    Lets come to the end and the last theme.
    Jake is hosting a lot of great activity here on chobots.Everyday jake making games with us and gives prizes away.He will make parties and lot of more cool things.
    This cool things will start today 12th February and end Friday the 15th of february.
    Week of love!
    Here are the informations.

    Tuesday February 12
    What? Tug of Love!
    When? 22:30/10:30PM Cho-Time
    Where? Rope Street ;)
    Wear something purple. Best dressers get a reward.

    Wednesday February 13
    What? Checkers and Quiz!
    When? 17:00/5PM Cho-Time
    Where? Academy Street.
    Be sure you know everything about Chobots and Valentines Day!

    Thursday February 14
    What? Fashion Contest
    When? 21:00/9PM Cho-Time
    Where? Jake's House! He'll invite you.
    Get ready to compete in your best outfits!

    Friday February 15
    What? Hangman/Pictionary
    When? 22:15/10:15PM Cho-Time
    Where? Agents' Underground!
    Wear the Chobots colours of blue and orange.
    Ps: this informations are from the official Chobots Blog !!
    So you see this week will be awsome.
    im sure we will have a lot of fun :)!
    See ya there !

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Game Night winners !

    Hey Guys,
    Yesterday many users was online and participate on the Game night.
    After playing 2 hours are here the winners of each game!
    Congratulation every winner got 5 days of citizenship,5000 Bugs and a game controller
    The next game night will be on the 23th of february.So hope you have more luck for those who didn't won :)

    Interview Winners !

    Heey Chobots,
    A week ago Koiz and Yaniv hosted a Interview Contest.
    More then 60 Users Interviewed other Chobots players.
    And the best interviewer was ....

    Ps: If you want to read the Interviews click Here

    Really Cool interviews Guys,the winners got: a Microphone,7 days of Citizenship,7000 Bugs.

    Congrats guys :)