Sunday, February 24, 2013

The News Day 28!

Heey Guys,
Today i decide to make a ''The News Day '' post because i have a lot to report!
We gonna talk about new Contest,Game Night winners and Gifting problems.
Okay we start with the new Contest.
The staff team had a great idea,every game in the Gamezone is open for 3 days.
You can play all 5 games there and the 1st and the 2nd will get prizes.
you have until 27 of February.And don't forget,
cheating is not the right way !!
Second theme is the Game Night,Yesterday it started at 7:15 Pm Cho-Time and ended 
9:15 Pm Cho-Time.There was a great party with rain and a lot of magic.
Here are the inners of each game:

  - Asteroid: Ubuntu
- Cho Board: Darkwarrior
- Cho Ball: Waash17
- Crab War: Dizzymckirby7777
- Robo Factory: Monzter
- Sweet Battle: Enhance
- Palm Painting: Malinki
- Nicho Racer: Awesomez1
- Garbage Collector: Venii39
- Space Racer: Markl77
- Rope Pull: Comebackiid
- Sliders: Eathan
- Checkers: Plinfalie
- Chess: Chobito
- Cow Mission: Sheko
- Coin Rain: Charlotta

    Congrats each of you got 5 Days of Citizenship,5000 Bugs and a game Controller!
    Okay lets come to the last theme.
    The support team got many email's about the gifting problems,because many users got scammed.
    So the moderators posted that on the main blog and write this:

    Gifting: Chobots currently offers exclusive Citizens the ability to gift. Gifting is meant to be used responsibly. "Gift for Gift" (trading one item for another) is allowed, but the Chobots Team will not be held accountable if you or another Chobot has been scammed. You take full responsibility of where and to who you send your items. Be careful!

    So if you want to do ''gift for gift'' its your responsibility !!
    Okay now you know the latest news round about chobots.
    Hope you learn more about the trading rules and see you next time !

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