Thursday, July 12, 2012

The News Day 8!

and welcome to the part 8 of The News.
first one i want to remind you if you want to be on The next Drawing post send me a photo ( a drawing handdrawing etc...)
And uploaded it on Tinypic ( comment it on the new post if you uploaded it on tinypic with link) or send it me by email ( )

okay we have a little update again. you can search your friends with a new button:

Thank Chobots Team :)

i found a little glitch by Smileguy's tracker:

i searched again The best cho style and i found this 3 juniors and 3 citizen:

PS: frappuccinow asked me to be the bets cho style :)

And here are the 3 juniors :)
a agent won too :D

very nice style:)
and don't forgot ask me if you want to be on the next stylish chobot post :D

and for the last one i see you voted you want more The News

22    liked it
3 disliked it

thanks for voting!!
but i can't post for 3 weeks sry.
i will go in holyday with a ship ( MSC Cruises )

i will miss chobots but i love the ship too :D


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Attention !!!

Hey its me again...

i don't know if you know it but i had a little idea.

1. draw a picture ( no matter what).
2.uploaded it on tinypic
3.comment on my last post.
4.comment: Here is my picture for the next post and add teh link to the comment.

you will be sure to see your pci on the next post :D!!

Can't wait to see the first picture's :)


The News Day 7!

Heey and welcome to The News Day 7! 

Today i haven't a lot to report but...

This Morning i saw Nath88 in The cafestreet. Samanthaheartz and sweets spammed all time they sayed: im a Hobo sgdgcncjhjjgclmn
Nath88 banned they're chat for 1 week.
Samanthaheartz made a new account if you want to talk with her:

Later came Austin,after The little maintenace austin and me was alone in The Cafestreet :D
But not long came's the other online too and Austin made a little Quiz.

I found a Little glitch on the Dance! Button and Backpack.
They haven't number's xD

And for the last one i found a Awsome Drawing by derpyhooves.

So That was it,i know it was a little bit short but i don't found some news.
But for The next Post i search more News:)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The News Day 6!

Heey and welcome to The part 6 of The News !! Today we have a lot News for this post.

First one The Chobots Team Updated Chobots!!
We have the old UI back look at the picture's:

The Cho energy points are next to the Status
The Chat Bubble is new too, The chobots Team made them Bigger ( The text message is bigger )

          The Juniors have now MORE Items:

The Juniors have now a new instrument :)
But look what i found in the Eco Shop The junior's have a new mask too:

But The citizen's have a new Clothes too

The coming soon catalog will be restock

So that was it from The News Day 6!
 Can't wait to post Day 7 :)

See you there bye thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

The News Day 5!

Heey Guys i can't believe it its the 5 The News post.

First one The Chobots Team made again a little party ( no rain )

Here are some Pictures:

And The chobots team made a new Real life contest too!!

if you want to enter this contest you must to follow this:
1) Bake your very own Chobots food. (Examples: Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies and more!)
2) Take a photo of your grand bake.
3) Comment your Chobots creation in the comments!

Here  you can see a awsome pie,backed from lackygirl123

And for The last one i searched again the best cho style and i found a lot but i choosed only 3 citizen and 3 juniors here are they :

 They have a really nice style,what do you think if you think you have the best cho style too then messages me and say: i have the best cho style can i be on the next post pls and i will look at your style.

So that was it from The News Day 5! don't forgot to vote if you want more!

See ya soon