Sunday, March 29, 2020

The News #7

Hey Chotopian's

Hope you all doing good in this hard times we all go through. But im back with lovely news for you all! I don't wanna keep the informations for me any longer so let's have a look what the new week brings for us on Chotopia:

First of all I want to let you know, that the staff team is recruiting new journalists for april! It's your chance to be awarded for your hard work you invest outside the game. You have more than a week to show that you are able to be a journalist. Find more information on the official blog post by clicking here.

Secondly we had a lot of events going on this weekend. Thanks to all who joined and spent time with us, it was amazing. Here are some impressions: 

Be sure to come online as often as you can. There are numerous events going on which are announced on the official blog, discord or on our social media platforms. There are also some spontaneous events, so the best is to come online daily, so you won't miss any further events,

As I already informed you in a previous post, the chobots racer contest comes to an end today. So the staff team decided to open another in-game contest. This time the boards for the palm tree will be open until the 5th of april!

But that's not all!! We are also hosting a new creative contest! As you know easter is just in front of the door. Thats why the staff team decided to host a Postcard contest! You have time until the 11th of april to submit your entry under the official blog post or on discord. Your Postcard has to be easter themed and you have to use this template:

I can't wait to see all your lovely and creative entries. I wish all participants good luck on the on going events!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The News #6

Hey Chotopian's!

I hope you started well into the new week and have the weekend in sight! As always I come back on my blog to tell you about all the news around Chotopia you need to know. So don't waste any time and get into the themes.

First of all you may know there is at least one agent event every week. So last saturday we all head over to the academy street to play our lovely checkers game. Thanks to our Agent Tamara who held it and took this pictures:

It's always a pleasure to play with you all, so don't miss future agent events, there are cool prizes waiting for you!

As promoted here, we had a pet's party last friday at the Eco-Shop! Wow we were stunned about the activity of you and this made our party even better. We had a lot of rain,magic and cool music played by your well-known DJ Bebot! I hope these pictures shows you, how great this evening was:

Don't worry if you couldn't make it to the party, there are more partys in the future! Be sure to check out the official main blog of Chotopia daily for the latest news around Chotopia, so you won't miss any events anymore.

As the Nicho's and Sweetbattle contest came to an end, its time for another in-game contest. Can you guess which one it is? I help you, we are starting with a Space Race Contest, its running from the 23rd until the 29th of March

Head over to the garbage collector and play this funny single game! I wish all participants good luck and fun.

Now I want to give you the latest news about the updates going on Chotopia. As you may know the staff team is working on a huge project for making the game even better. As the activity of the users and new registrations rised in the last days, they decided to open 2 new worlds! You may know from future Chobots versions, that you are able to hang out on different planets. Be sure to step on one of these:

I also don't want to withheld you the information, that I created my own hoodie and shirt to wear it in-game. You are the first who can see the beta version of it.

As im a part of the Staff team now, I decided to create my own merch, because every staff member has already their own items. Its still in Beta version so you may see me with the hoodie walking around Chotopia.

That's it for the moment, I hope that you stay healthy and keep care of yourself!
Hope to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The News #5

Hey Chotopian's

The week is almost over but there are still lots of news I got for you all! First of all I wanna talk about the current situation happening on our planet. I know you all heared about the pandemic "COVID-19" known as the "Corona Virus". I hope you all doing good and are safe out there. We noticed that during this time our playerbase increased which is very positive for us all! Thats why the staff team decided to host more events for you, that you aren't that bored at home.

The snow melted and the temperature rises, that's why the staff team decided to refresh our catalogs in the Shop! There are tons of new outfits you can buy!

Secondly we had an agent event held by our lovely agent Tamara! We all played cow mission and had lots of fun. Congratulations to Tommy who won it. You will be awarded with 10'000 Bugs! Here you get an impression, how cool it was:

Last but not least I want to invite you all to our Pet Party, Friday 20th March at 8 PM Cho-Time at the Eco-Shop. Be sure to bring your pets with you and of course a good mood!

As mentioned above we will have more events during this week and thats why we will have another agent event this Satuday, 21st March at 8 PM Cho-Time. We will play checkers one of our favourite mini games! Be sure to participate to have a chance to win some rare prizes!

I Hope to see you all at the events!
Your Bebot.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

The News #4

Hey Chotopian's!

Sorry for the lack of posts but as you may know im in charge of advertising our lovely game on social media and I put a lot of time in it, thats why im not able to post as much as I want on my own blog. But this shouldn't be an excuse so lets switch to the interesting themes I have for you all.

Yesterday we had a St. Patricks Party at the Park! We had a lot of magic, music and of course rain! Everyone dressed up in green and we all had so much fun. Here are some impressions for you:

There are more partys to come so stay tuned and join our official discord channel or check the official main blog for the latest news!

We celebrated St. Patrick a bit earlier but the decoration and our special guest is still there. Look at this festive decoration:

Our festive quest is still at the garbage collector so be sure to salute him and complete the mission for some sweet prizes.

At this point I want to remind you, that the TV and the Nicho's contest is still up until tomorrow so hurry up.

There will be new events coming next week aswell so I invite you once more to check the main Blog for the latest news. You can also follow our social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) there is a daily post.

I hope you all are save out there and keep attention to the virus... I hope to see you all ingame and wish you happy weekend!

Your Bebot.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The News #3

Hey Chotopians!

Hope you started well into the week and got the focus on the weekend. As always there is a lot running at the moment on Chotopia . That's why I dont wanna talk any longer and head directly to the important things.

There is always a mini contest which is up in-game and another one which is of course Chotopia related but where you can show your creativity. We know that all of you are great artists with tons of amazing ideas. That's why the staff team decided to bring the TV Contest back to life!

Some of you remember this popular contest from other chobots versions before. The guidlines are quit small but be sure to follow them! You have to interview a Nicho, you can do it how you feel it has to be aslong its chotopia related. They also gave a good hint to look at the "The late night show".

Use this template for your entry and submit it under the official blog post or on discord. Can't wait to see all your lovely entries. The contest starts from 2nd March and lasts until 15th March!

I also want to remind you, that the CMV contest is still up until the 8th of March! But as I said at the beginning, there is always another in-game contest running at the same time. This time all boards at the gamezone are open. 

There is only one winner of each game so hurry up! But thats long not all, the academy game night goes into a second round this weekend! All Boards at the academy street will be open this Friday, 6th of March from 8 PM Cho-Time.

These events are high demanded so be sure to be there on time and stay aslong as you can! You thought thats it? NOO there is also an Agent event this saturday, 7th of March starting at 7 PM Cho-Time at the agent underground. Yes you heared right, it's time for a round of pictionary!

You see there is a lot going on around Chotopia. I'm sure there is something for all of you so we invite you to stay with us and participate at our events. I also would like to remind you that we are really active on the social medias! Check our Twitter and Instagram account. 

Thanks for reading, hope to see you around!
Your Bebot.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The News #2

Hey Chotopian's!

I hope you spent a great weekend with your friends and family. Time goes so fast it's already March!! A month with new and interesting events waiting for you guys!

So lets have a look what happened in Chotopia and whats coming in the upcoming days. We started the weekend with the Sliders Event which was held by myself with the support of some staff members. I was so happy to see so many of you online and playing against each other. Thanks to all who showed up and made this evening unforgetable. Here are some impressions:

We know how much you like playing these mini games in Chotopia, thats why we decided to open all boards in the gamezone! The Gamezone contest starts from 2nd until the 8th March. All 5 games will be open, so you can choose yourself which one you want to play. 

There is only 1 winner of each game and double winners wont be counted! I wish you good luck and of course lots of fun! 

For the beginning of each new month, the citizenship package gets updated aswell. Be sure to check it out, there are a lot of benefits waiting for you as citizen and also limited rare items! Buy Citizenship by clicking here

Like every month the staff team is looking for our activest Chotopian. They look which player was the most active in-game. Please congratulate Honest, our Agent which spent unbelievable 117 hours on our game! 

Wow this is stunning, you are a key player for this game. We are very happy that we have such a loyal and active player. Now its your turn guys, log in everyday and spend some hours with your friends to be the activest player of the month march!

I feel really honoured to be a part of the Staff team now! I got promoted to "marketer" and im in charge of the business growth trough promotion.

I will focus even more on the social media's now and put some ads to bring new people to the game! I take this job really serious and wont stop until i reach my target. I can't find the words to describe how happy I am. Its a new challenge which i gladly accept.

Thanks for reading, see you in game.
Your Bebot.