Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The News #6

Hey Chotopian's!

I hope you started well into the new week and have the weekend in sight! As always I come back on my blog to tell you about all the news around Chotopia you need to know. So don't waste any time and get into the themes.

First of all you may know there is at least one agent event every week. So last saturday we all head over to the academy street to play our lovely checkers game. Thanks to our Agent Tamara who held it and took this pictures:

It's always a pleasure to play with you all, so don't miss future agent events, there are cool prizes waiting for you!

As promoted here, we had a pet's party last friday at the Eco-Shop! Wow we were stunned about the activity of you and this made our party even better. We had a lot of rain,magic and cool music played by your well-known DJ Bebot! I hope these pictures shows you, how great this evening was:

Don't worry if you couldn't make it to the party, there are more partys in the future! Be sure to check out the official main blog of Chotopia daily for the latest news around Chotopia, so you won't miss any events anymore.

As the Nicho's and Sweetbattle contest came to an end, its time for another in-game contest. Can you guess which one it is? I help you, we are starting with a Space Race Contest, its running from the 23rd until the 29th of March

Head over to the garbage collector and play this funny single game! I wish all participants good luck and fun.

Now I want to give you the latest news about the updates going on Chotopia. As you may know the staff team is working on a huge project for making the game even better. As the activity of the users and new registrations rised in the last days, they decided to open 2 new worlds! You may know from future Chobots versions, that you are able to hang out on different planets. Be sure to step on one of these:

I also don't want to withheld you the information, that I created my own hoodie and shirt to wear it in-game. You are the first who can see the beta version of it.

As im a part of the Staff team now, I decided to create my own merch, because every staff member has already their own items. Its still in Beta version so you may see me with the hoodie walking around Chotopia.

That's it for the moment, I hope that you stay healthy and keep care of yourself!
Hope to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.

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