Sunday, March 29, 2020

The News #7

Hey Chotopian's

Hope you all doing good in this hard times we all go through. But im back with lovely news for you all! I don't wanna keep the informations for me any longer so let's have a look what the new week brings for us on Chotopia:

First of all I want to let you know, that the staff team is recruiting new journalists for april! It's your chance to be awarded for your hard work you invest outside the game. You have more than a week to show that you are able to be a journalist. Find more information on the official blog post by clicking here.

Secondly we had a lot of events going on this weekend. Thanks to all who joined and spent time with us, it was amazing. Here are some impressions: 

Be sure to come online as often as you can. There are numerous events going on which are announced on the official blog, discord or on our social media platforms. There are also some spontaneous events, so the best is to come online daily, so you won't miss any further events,

As I already informed you in a previous post, the chobots racer contest comes to an end today. So the staff team decided to open another in-game contest. This time the boards for the palm tree will be open until the 5th of april!

But that's not all!! We are also hosting a new creative contest! As you know easter is just in front of the door. Thats why the staff team decided to host a Postcard contest! You have time until the 11th of april to submit your entry under the official blog post or on discord. Your Postcard has to be easter themed and you have to use this template:

I can't wait to see all your lovely and creative entries. I wish all participants good luck on the on going events!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot.

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  1. I think you need a new "A post by Bebot!2 Picture with your new hoooodie! :B