Thursday, March 19, 2020

The News #5

Hey Chotopian's

The week is almost over but there are still lots of news I got for you all! First of all I wanna talk about the current situation happening on our planet. I know you all heared about the pandemic "COVID-19" known as the "Corona Virus". I hope you all doing good and are safe out there. We noticed that during this time our playerbase increased which is very positive for us all! Thats why the staff team decided to host more events for you, that you aren't that bored at home.

The snow melted and the temperature rises, that's why the staff team decided to refresh our catalogs in the Shop! There are tons of new outfits you can buy!

Secondly we had an agent event held by our lovely agent Tamara! We all played cow mission and had lots of fun. Congratulations to Tommy who won it. You will be awarded with 10'000 Bugs! Here you get an impression, how cool it was:

Last but not least I want to invite you all to our Pet Party, Friday 20th March at 8 PM Cho-Time at the Eco-Shop. Be sure to bring your pets with you and of course a good mood!

As mentioned above we will have more events during this week and thats why we will have another agent event this Satuday, 21st March at 8 PM Cho-Time. We will play checkers one of our favourite mini games! Be sure to participate to have a chance to win some rare prizes!

I Hope to see you all at the events!
Your Bebot.

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