Monday, December 31, 2012

Journalist Updates !

The Chobots Team Update the Jouralist Program You have more Chance to win a Badge But you must follow more rules 
New is that the Moderators will have too and journalist badge and be on the Blogroll.
And every each month they pick new journalist so all have a chance.
Now there not looking on the header or design,they only read the post to see how good you write on your own blog.
They will check if you don't Copy things on the Main Blog !
Here are the new Rules:
-The Journalist Badge will be on your Playercard with the link of your Blog

-Perhaps your Blog will be the futured blog on the play page !

-Your blog will be futured on the official Blog

-Moderators will follow your Blog !

-You will be invited to write posts on the official Blog !

- You will be added to an exclusive mailing list to receive all the behind-the-scenes information and news before anyone else does!

-You get 1 free week of citizenship in the begin of the month!

-You will reward with a feather Item !

-You can PC all Moderators !

-New nametag !

A lot of new rules what ? :)
The submission will starts on the 2nd of Januray 2013 !
Good luck :)

Scrapocook-Video Contest!

Heey ,
The Scrapobook-Video Contest will be the last Contest in this year 2012 !
So also the Chobots Team had a great idea to make a design and video Contest!
If you want to do the Scrapbook you must follow this rules !
It must be in Real Life!
It must be on the official Template !
Here is the link for the Scrapobook:

If you do the Video Contest you must follow this rules !
You can do a Slideshow inclusiv commentary or a little movie !
And you can take some of this themes!

The release of Chobots
February Dance Party
St. Patrick's Day
April Fools' Day Circus
Albert's Space Race
The Auction House
The "Like" Party
1st Birthday!!
Saturday Game Night
Many more!

You can take your own ideas too :)!

So good luck to everyone :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coins rain Contest Winners!

The coin rain Contest has come to the end and here are the Top 3 !
Congrats Guys Good Job enjoy your prizes !!

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Items !

Its the 28nd december and that means
new clothes are in the shop catalogs !
We have very nice items for juniors 
and citizens !! 

This sugarcane backpack cost 750 Bugs and its for Juniors !

This Gingerbread backpack cost 1000 Bugs and its for citizen's

This rollerskate cost 6000 Bugs and its for citizen's

This items you can find in the SHOP and in the MAGIC SHOP :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Party !

Heey !
Its time to partying ;)
Because its Christmas the Chobots Team will
made an awsome Party tonight ! 

Hope to see you there ;)


New Updates !

a few minutes ago i played chobots and i saw this wonderfull winter Updates !

The map got Upated with white snow, and a new room called Snowland 

In the snwoland we will have a lot of Parties this winter !

In the Cafestreet you find a big christmas tree with lot of presents under !

Finally the homepage got an Update too.
You see that the banner got updated with x-mas thing like the snowman ;)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Chobots :)!

wohoo finally its the 24nd of december,that mean it Christmas Today.
After the great dinner we can open all presents :))!
So i want to say. Merry Christmas to you and enjoy your holidays :)


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Updates

After a awsome Party last night,We have now some cool updates ;)!
You know that christmas is coming early.So Santa will come and visit Chobots!
Santa joined the chobots towns,But he lost 3 bells.Help him to find the 3 bells and you will get some awsome prizes ;)

Here what you got,when you find all 3 Bells ;)!

God Luck !

There is a new Coin rain contest.Hurry Up you have until 24nd of december ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Agent Meeting !

Heey ;)

Its time for a new Month meeting.
All Agents can be there but its not mandatory !!
Those who attend will get a special Prize !!

Date: 22th December
Time: 8Pm Cho-Time
Place: Agent HQ,North Pole

Have fun ;)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boy's Girl's Party !

Heey ;)

You know early it's Christmas and we will have a lot of parties!
But one of the best Parties will be the Ending of the world.
Yeah the maya's says the world goes down on the 21th of december,so we will have a boy and a girl party.


Boys: Meet Yaniv in the dudes Chill zone 
Girls: Meet Koiz in the Girls hangout
The Party starts at: 9 Pm Cho-Time :)

Here a map for the rooms !

Comic Contest!

Heey ;)
Long time we had a comic contest right ?:)
So the chobots team made a new comic contest.

Theme: Christmas !!
Rules: The comic must be on a comic template ( the Chobost Team created one )
Your entry must be comment on the comic post!They didn't check your blog for the entries!!
Time: you have until sunday the 23th of december :)

So hurry up guys ;) Here is the template from the main blog:
Don't forget to comment your entry on the contest post here the link:

Good luck ;)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blogging and Drawing Contest winners!!

Heeey ;)
Finally we have the winners of the Blog contest and the drawing contest!
The chobots Team had more the 40 blog entries and 70 drawing enrties :O .
And im happy to announce the winners of the 2 contest's
Blog contest !
 Billybubble  billy's Blog 
  Isabelle        isabelle's blog
  Peace           Peace's Blog
  Minymo123 Minymo123's Blog
  Theufo  Ufo's Blog
  Struty Struty's Blog
  Eathan Eathan's Blog

Great job guys ;)  The winners got an feather ( hand item ) 5000 Bugs and 14 days of citizenship

And here are the winners from the winter drawing contest ;)

The winners got : a paintbrush,7000 bugs and 7 days of citizenship ;)
Gongratulation ;)
Enjoy your prizes :)


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Game night winners !

Heeey :)
Yesterday we had the last Gamenight in the year 2012,the next gamenight will be 2013 :)
we had a little party and then the gamenight started.Here are the winners:
 Asteroids: Nightmare.
     Sweet Battle: Patrick45.
     Pinball: Orangeberryz.
     Crab Game: Kingkevin.
     Robotfactory: Me.
     Space Race: Nightboyz125.
     Garbage Collector: 1st place: Alecks.
                      BONUS: 2nd place: Khalood707.
     Farming: Amy231.
     Tug Of War: Chobotbubble.
     Palm Trees: Macterchief.
     Checkers: Theufo.
     Sliders: 1st place: Comebackiid.
                      BONUS: 2nd place: Randomzzz.
     Chess: Ifightalot.
     Nicho Racer: Lola12345rocks.
     Coin Rain: Conor.

Gongrats guys
The winners got 7days Citizenship,5000bugs and this awsome hand controller!
-Bebot :)!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Game Night!

Heey :)
its again saturday and thta means we will have a Game night.
For those who wasn't on a Game night here is the guide.
You can play every Game in chobots and win points.You have until 2 hours to play the game and you must be on the rate 1 you can not be the second or the third.

PS:The Chobots that wo n last time can not play the same game again you must play another :)
The Game night starts at 10Pm Cho-time ( if you have problems with the time check the Main Blog there is a counter )
So Hope to see you there ;)

December Journalist's!

Heey ;)
sry i know that im late for posting this post,but blogger had a little problem.
The new December Journalist's are ......

Congratulation ;) And for the others like me never give up :)! try next month

Ps: i chanched my name to Bebot,im not anymore Deliiciouzz after i will made a new header ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Heeey ;)
Finally we got the new x-mas updates !

 A lot of new Update sright, Everystreet is now like a snow place.
The winter room is back too ;)