Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The News Day 22!

Long time i didn't post a The News Day post.
Now its time to show you all news about Chobots :)
The First theme are the new items in the shop catalog :)
The Junior's can be more then happy,Because they have 3 new items ;)
Check it ;)

 We have 2 new items,like the giftbagpack
and the pink dress. The snoflakeboard is now for juniors first it was only a rain item ;)

Finally Chobots is de-halooweened xD Every Halloween update is gone!
The Chobots Team updated it a little bit like winter check yourself ;)

New login page 

The background is now blue again
The connection guy is back ;) 

New cities called Gingerbread and North Pole
We have a new site panel too with a christmas head ;P

The cafestreet is now brighter 

The music stage,the room for the party is gone now the old cafe is back

In The citizenHq we have a Christmas tree with red background ;)

And the new Chobots Evenets of december are out !

So i hope you had fun and are ready for the next Game night on the 15th of december;)

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