Wednesday, July 15, 2020

The News #15

Hey Chotopian's

Excuse me for the lack of post this month! As life is getting busier I try to be as active in-game as possible and focus on my main role as marketing coordinator. But I try to post as much as I can on this blog.

So let's see what this week brings us. After the robots competition came to an end, the staff team choosed a single player game, placed inside the cafe. You all know which game I mean. Yes the weekly in-game contest is Coins Rain.

You have time to get into the top 3, until Sunday, July 19th to win sweet prizes! What are you waiting for? Hop on and get rich by playing it.

But as you know there is always a contest for our creative ones out there! This time you have the opportunity to show your creativity by making a comicIt should be summer-themed and pimped up with a cool design. Use this template for your entry:

You have time to submit your Comic until Sunday, July 19th as a comment under the official blog post or on Discord! I can't wait to read your funny and cute Comics.

Last but not least, what would a successful week be without a party? We are inviting you to party with us also this Sunday, July 19th at 7 Pm Cho-time at the Party Area!

The party theme will be "hereos" so dress up as your favourite character like Choproff, Chopix, Staff member... I'm pretty sure all of you have an idol, so dress up like him/her and join us for a good time!

The Staff team is also searching new Journalists for the month of August. For this reason I would like to motivate all the talented bloggers out there to bring their blogs back to life! You have time until Wednesday, July 29th to submit your blog on Discord or as a comment under the official blog post. Find all guidelines and benefits on the official blog post by clicking here.

Alright that's all for now, I hope to see you all in-game!
Your Bebot.

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Cholympics 2020

Hey Chotopian's or should I say olympic participants?

As I told you on the previous blog post, i'm going to inform you about the "Cholympics". Yes the long wait has finally come to an end. Ready for this huge event?

The Cholympics starts today, June 15th and lasts until June 30th! There will be a different in-game competition every day. I'm sure all of you will find a mini game, which you personally like the most. The Staff team made a schedule, so you know on which day, which competition takes place:

There are still going to be Parties, creative contests and agent events beside the Cholympics. I will be online as much as possible during this cool event! Be sure to look around for a party held by myself.

If you're not into playing games then I might have another cool contest for you guys! The Staff team decided to test your creative skills one more time. This time you have the chance to create your own personal Chotopia related "friend book". You might remember giving your friend book around at the school and compared yourself with friends, how got the most entries. You have time to enter your friend book entry until, June 22nd under the official blog post by clicking here or on Discord. Be sure to use this template:

Here the rules: Write at least about 2 Chotopians, basic questions, one individual question, screenshot of the asked Chotopian, free design asked, totally 10 questions.

I can't wait to read all your entries! Also a quick reminder, there is going to be an agent event, held by our elite agent Tamara this Thursday, June 18th at 6 PM Cho-Time. We are finally going to play Sliders again.

Alright thats all for now, thanks for reading.
Your Bebot.

Monday, June 1, 2020

The News #14

Hey Chotopian's

Im back with plenty new information for you. So we better don't waste time and look what this new month brings up.

Every new month the staff team crowns 3 most active users. A huge congratulations to Novo, Anna and Shower for being once more the activest Chotopian's in May. They got awarded with 2$ for their Chotopia-Wallet and a unique shirt.

But thats not all, at the beginning of every month, the citizenship package gets updated aswell. As always there are rare and super cool items waiting for you. 

As citizen you benefit of multiple advantages, buy your citizenship today by clicking here. As you may know, there is always an in-game contest. This time you have the opportunity to play a singleplayer game located inside the cafe. You all know which game I mean. The Coins rain contest starts today and lasts until Sunday, June 7th.

There will also be an agent event tomorrow, June 2nd hosted by our freshly baked agent Shower. Meet him tomorrow at 8 PM Cho-Time at the Space Quay!

Last but definetely the most important news in this post is, that we got our first taste of our long waited event "Cholympics". The whole Cafestreet and the Park got a new decoration:

But we also got a new tool called: Season Pass to shorten the waiting time. You can find it under the dashboard, where you spin your daily wheel:

You can buy the golden pass or use it for free. When you buy the golden pass for 4.99$ you get more rewards as citizenship, more crystals or very unique and never seen items before. There is also a new Crystals Shop, where you can buy cool items:

But how do i earn crowns to increase my tier level? It's really simple:

Level up, coming online daily or completing achievements (+5)
Completing challenges (+20)

You see you can benefit of many things when you come online every day. You get bugs, a free spin, 5 attempts to crack the safe and now you can also increase your tier level. More information about the "Cholympics" will be leaked this Wednesday! I will keep you up to date when I get the official news.

Alright thats all for now, thanks for reading!
Your Bebot.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The News #13

Hey Chotopian's!

I have a lot to tell you guys. As always you get the latest news around Chotopia. So don't waste any more time and let's get deeper into the topics.

First of all the may journalist were announced. After going through many blogs, the staff team decided to crown these bloggers. Congratulations to:

You all did a great job and I love every single blog! At this point I also want to thank you my loyal readers, that you always push me to post on my blog and made it happen, that i'm in the journalist program the third time in a row now. 

Secondly I want to invite you all to head over to the garbage collector and play our single player in-game contest. This time the board for the Chobots Racer is open until sunday, May 24th. This is the only contest going on at the moment so why don't you try to get into the top 3, to win sweet prizes?

But as you know, there are a lot events going on at Chotopia. Beside the Agent events we also had a wonderful party last Tuesday, May 19th at the Shop Square. The party theme was Butterfly and Ladybug! Thanks again to all of you who attended this lovely party and made it once again unforgettable. I took some party pictures for you:

So after this short recap of the previous week, let me show you what's coming in the future. As you all love our "Night of Titans" the staff team decided to host it again and this would be the third time now! I'm sure all of you want to know when this long waited event takes place. Join us tomorrow, May 22th at 8 PM Cho-Time at the Robots Arena!

Next up I want to give you some more information about new updates happening in-game. As some of you may noticed, there is a new feature called "Secura-Cho". Let me explain it to you real quick. You find the Secura-Cho under the dashboard where you click to see the featured player or try your luck at the daily wheel. You need to crack the safe with a 4 fixed number combination. 

You have 5 chances to unlock it, there are 10 codes sett by the staff team so it's not completely random. When you log in daily you get 5 new tries (similar to the daily wheel spin). You can win citizenship, bugs or even items! So put your skills to the test, since now I only know one player, who cracked it.

The Designers are also working on a new room, which was never seen before on Chobots. They leaked some information and already showed us a sneak peak. The new room will be called "The Game room" and will probably replace our well-known Gamezone! Here's a picture, how it might look in the future:

I really love this new idea and can't wait to take my first steps there. What do you guys think about it, do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.

Last but not least I want to remind you, that there is actually an Agent Poll up. You can choose between Anirudh53, Tzsus, Shower and Reece. For me all these candidates would deserve it but as you know there is only one who can win, so it's really important that you give your vote. Vote for our new agent by clicking here

Alright that's all for now, thanks for reading and stay safe!
Your Bebot.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

News, News and much more News!

Hey Chotopian's!

I'm back with lots of news, which cannot wait for you. As you read in my previous post, there are already many events going on this week. But the staff team decided to bring up much more, so let's have a deeper look.

First of all, many of you already noticed that we got 2 new designers in town. Please give a warm welcome to Tacodung and Kreator! They got hired to create new items and locations. I already got some sneak peaks and I can tell you, there is a lot coming from these two talented guys.

There were many rumours going around about the Cholympics. Many users might remember it from past years and can't wait for the comeback. We are going to have our Cholympics next month! To prepare yourself, there is a research Contest about this topic. You have time until May, 29th to submit your entry as always through the discord channel or under the official blog post by clicking here. Please use this template for your entry:

Also please follow these rules: Pictures with the source directory, Olypic-Games related, true facts, Use the template above (max 2 templates), Do not copy & paste articles from the internet, add your own suggestion what you would like to see in Chotopia.

But if you are not into the research contest, there is also a CMV contest going on at the same time! You also have time to submit your entry until the May 29th. Make sure that your video is at least 60 seconds long, no explicit songs, follow Chotopia rules, Screenshots and recordings are allowed, at least 1 verse and refrain and repeat frames are allowed. There are many good samples on Youtube for you.

Alright enough contest for now, let's have a look what parties and events are waiting for us. As we celebrated spring with our party yesterday, it's time for another party. This time the topic will be "Flower Power". Meet us tomorrow, May 15th at 8 PM Cho-Time at the Beach (location might be changed because of possible lag). I hope to see you all there!

Do you remember when we had our last Fashion show? I can't it's a long time ago, thats why the staff team decided to host a fashion show this sunday, May 17th at 8 PM Cho-Time! Meet us at the cafestreet so we can flush all of you to the fashion show location!

Thats it for now, you see there is a lot going on this week, be sure to look around and don't miss our cool events and contests.

I wish you a good day and stay safe.
Your Bebot.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The News #12

Hey Chotopian's!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but I was really busy. But i have a lot to tell you as always. So don't waste any time and let's see what's waiting for us on Chotopia.

The week started with plenty events. We had agent events, where we played cow mission and the other day we beaten the Nichos together! We also had a fun night yesterday, at our Academy Game Night! But don't forget our Cinco de Mayo party which took place las Tuesday at the Cafe. Did you miss the party? I took some pictures for you guys:

The party was once more a magic moment and we had a lot of fun. Thanks all for showing up. Don't be sad if you missed this party, there is one coming soon!

This was a quick recap of the last week. Let's move forward and see what's waiting for us. The Gamezone contest ends today, that's why the staff team decided to open another in-game contest. This time its a multiplayer game. I Invite you all to head over to the Garbage Collector and play with your friends.

The Garbage collector contests starts tomorrow, 11th of May until the 17th of May. I wish all participants good luck. 

But what would be Chotopia without an agent event right? Meet our agent Bacachoo also on Monday, 11th of May at 6 PM Cho-Time at the citizen underground. Yes it's time for another speed drawing competition, as you all loved it last time.

As I mentioned above, there is a party coming soon. The weather is getting better and better. The days are longer and the sun shines even more. Yes it's finally spring, thats why the staff team decided to host a spring party!

Be sure to meet us Wednesday, May 13th at 8 PM Cho-Time at Terrarium. There will be good music, magic and of course rain. All you have to bring with you is good mood and your best spring outfit! Hope to see you all there.

Thats all for now, don't forget to apply as journalist if you want to be part of the journalism program of May! You still have time until Friday, May 15th to submit your blog through Discord or under the official blog post by clicking here.

I wish you a good start into the week and stay safe.
Your Bebot.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The News #11

Hey Chotopian's

All of you know may know my concept "The News", where I put all relevant information together. So we started into a new month and I have a lot to tell you. 

Let's start with a short recap of the past week. After the huge birthday party we had no time to rest, the staff team already held another party. This time the theme "Twins" was in the foreground. Here are some impressions:

Every party is different and special. We had once more cool music, magic and rain. A huge thanks to our Moderators Zack and Jacob for hosting it. 

After the Robofactory contest came to an end, it was time to open another in game contest. So that you can measure yourself against your friends, the staff team decided to open the Rope Contest! Head over to the Rope street and play some tug o' war and try to get under the top 3 to win cool prizes. The board is open until the 4th of May.

But as you know there is always another creative contest running beside. So after the recipe contest closed, its time to create your own Chotopia Comic! The comic has to be Chotopia and Spring related and you have to use this template:

I know we have a lot of creative users out there, so I cant wait to read your interesting comics. You can submit your entry as always under Discord -> #submissions-for-contests or under the official blog post by clicking here. You have time until the 10th of May to submit your entry. I wish you all good luck!

So this all for the recap, time to look forward. A new month brings always new features with it. Thats why the citizenship package got updated. Be sure to check it out, there are amazing new items waiting for you. You can buy your membership by clicking here

But that's not all, the staff team also announced the activest Chotopians of the month April. Congratulations to Snailen, Anna and Novo for spending your time on our lovely game. It's always a pleasure to see such loyal, active and kind users. You got awareded with a special item and $2 for your wallet, which you can use for citizenship or $hop items.

Last but not least, we are looking for our new bloggers. The Journalist program goes into the next round. We invite all active bloggers to submit their blog under Discord-> #community-advertising or under the official blog post by clicking here. Find all information on the official blog post. I will also apply for the third time and of course I wish all participants good luck!

So thats all for now, I will keep you up to date when I get new information. I invite you all to chat with us on Discord or join us on

I wish you a pleasant day and stay safe out there.
Your Bebot.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

6th Chotopia Birthday Recap!

Hey Chotopian's

Wow what a legendary day it was am I right? I can't put it in words how happy I am after this Chotopia Birthday event. Im not here to talk about my emotions of course, so let's see what we did the whole day on our game, which teurned 6 years this month.

The Chotopia Birthday event was announced a long time ago. Many rumours went around Chotopia, how it will take place but the this week we got the official schedule. The Event started on time today, the 26th of April at 10am Cho-time. The whole event took place at differents spots and lasted for over incredible 6 hours! The whole day was divided in mini events, which each lasted for 30 minutes.

First we met at the shop square to start with a well known party called "Age 0". Player dressed up like the first day the joined Chotopia and we had music, magic and rain. Here some impressions:

The party was really cool and the staff team rained the first birthday items, which were designed especially for this event. After this we moved to the underground, were our agent realm hosted a high demanded hangman.

This shouldnt be the last agent event on our birthday event. After you warmed up by guessing words, we moved over to the academy street and gamezone, to play some of our popular mini games. As im a big fan of sliders, I couldnt miss this event.

After these intense games, we needed some fresh drinks and cool rain to calm down. And there we came to our second party, this time the theme was "Blast from the past". The users dressed up once more and we had amazing magic effects, music and lots of rain.

The party took place at the old cafestreet and was insane! After the party it was time to battle each other again. Thats why we moved to the garbage collector, where the boards were open for another 30 mins.

After we all played against each other it was time to involve our agents once more. This time it was bacachoo's turn, he held a Chotopia related Quiz at the Park! The answers were really interesting some times.

As we already were at the park, the sweetbattle contest opened for 30 minutes after the quiz came to an end. After the multiplayer contest, it was time for another party! Yes already our third party. We all got flushed to the old academy were we had the theme "Blue and Purple".

All parties are cool but this one was special to me. The activity was insane and the location fit perfectly. After the party we moved over to the mission agency, were we played for another 30 minutes Nichos and Cow mission. I have never seen so many farmers before and we all had so much fun. This was our last mini game before we had our last agent event. This time it was Megs turn, she hosted a Fashion show at her house.

Everyone was in a good mood and was ready for our last but huge event for today. We had our last and 4th party. This time we went to the time zone room were we held our Chotopia Birthday party! We had a huge wave of items rain, magic and music. 

This was our crowning conclusion and made our 6th anniversary just a huge success. Im sure all of you enjoyed it as I did. This day will stay in our memories for a long long time. Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated, to make this day unforgettable!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.