Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Party

Heey Chobots,
After the christmas party we are going to celebrate the next event on chobots.2014 is coming closer and whats better to get into a new year without a party.So you can wish happy new year to our friends on chobots.The chobots team is hosting a big party with many magic,music and rain.
Join the team and i the 1st january at 9pm Cho-time in the rope street in all servers!
Im sure we are going to have a lot of fun !
Thanks for reading,see you on the party
Our Bebot

Monday, December 30, 2013

Baking Contest

Hey everyone! It's always sad when Christmas comes to an end, however, the fun on Chobots continues! As the weather can be quite cold to go outside and do activities we'd do during the warmer months, it's the perfect time to practice your baking and cooking skills. Get your apron on and your oven warmed up, it's time to bake a cake!

Starting today, all the way until January 5th, our task is to bake a Chobots as well as winter themed treat. It can be a cake, cupcakes, a gingerbread house, anything as long as it incorporates both themes! 

Make sure to try your best and have fun. Even if you don't win, you still have your delicious baked treat! 

Have fun,

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scrapbook winners!

Heey Chobots,
Had you a great christmas evening?Did you got many presents?The chobots team also celebrated christmas with a party in the rockemall street and we had a contest too.Now christmas has come to an end and the winners of the scrapbook contest ended too.Now lets look forward to the winners:

Congratulation you receive 5 Days of citizenship,4000 Bugs and a special limited winter ribbon!The chobots team gave to every who participated at this contest 1000 Bugs for their great work!Enjoy your prizes!

Ps:for those who didn't noticed,this blog got a new header for january ( New year) at this point i want to say a big thanks to alexa who did once again a wonderful work on it.

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots.
Our Bebot.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas scrapbook !

Heey chobots,
Tomorrow many of us celebrate christmas.But not all celebrate it in the same way so the chobots team would like to know,who you celebrate christmas in your country!Use this scrapbook and put as many information as possible in it:

You have until the 28th of december to submit your entry in a comment under the official blog post.If you dont have any ideas what you should write,are here some ideas.
-What do you like the most about christmas
-what are you doing on christmas
-who do you celebrate it
-with who do you celebrate it
-what are your highlits on christmas

On this scrapbook you can design,draw,write.its your scrapbook make it creative and informative and you have a big chance to win!The winners and those who join the contest will get amazing prizes!

Thanks for reading,Merry christmas to you!
Our Bebot.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Disco Party !

Heey chobots,
do you remember this awesome place in chobots,called The disco lounge?We had many parties there and heared a lot of music.Its time to celebrate the last days of 2013 and partying in the disco lounge.Meet us in the Disco lounge,9Pm Cho-Time in the most populated server for cool music funny games and rain.Don't forget to put your best styles on,the best dressed chobot will get a mystery item.I will be there and will take some party pictures and will post it here;)

Happy Holidays and see you there
Our Bebot.

Winter Music Video Contest !

Hey everyone!  There is less than a week until Christmas, and I'm super excited to celebrate this fun time of a year. I really love listening to the beautiful Christmas songs, and admiring all of the amazing Christmas lights. Well, just a week ago to get you in the holiday mood, the Chobots Team hosted a music video contest. There were a ton of amazing entries, however, the Chobots Team narrowed it down to only three winners. Congratulations to,




Congratulations to all of the winners! Your entries were fantastic, and I can tell a lot of time, as well as effort was put into each one. 

You will each receive: 
  • A Camera hand-item for your Chobot
  • Ten days of Citizenship
  • Five thousand bugs 
If you didn't win this time, don't worry! There will be many more contests for you to enter in the future. Just keep trying and never, ever give up!

Have a fantastic day,

Monday, December 16, 2013

Game Night winners !

Heey Chobots ,
I hope you had a great weekend and joined the Game Night this sunday.It was also the last Game Night in this year 2013!Its time for the winners:

Congratulation,you did a great job!All of you receive 5 Days of citizenship,5000 Bugs and a game Controller.If you didn't won this time you already have a chance next time we are going to have more game Nights in the future!Congrats to the winners and enjoy your prizes!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots.
Our Bebot.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Drawings!

Heey chobots,
For few weeks ago the chobots team held a drawing contest,where you should draw one or all 4 chobots moderators.Many users participated and did a wonderful job but not all can win so the chobots team picked 4 winners.Lets look at them:



Congratulation you all did an amazign job i love our Drawings!I need to say that the chobots team just wanted to pick 3 winners but they saw the creative and completely different drawing from the other participaters and pick him as 4th winner!Fuffeh,sam,jazzy and pigscanfly received citizenship,bugs,a special winter ribbon and a paintbrush!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots
Our Bebot.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Agent's Meeting

Greetings Agents! 

Once a month, the Chobots team hosts a meeting for Agents to attend. At the meeting, Agents recommend users for Agency, discuss problems they've noticed more frequently, and this month, the development of Chobots. 

The meeting will be this Saturday, at 12 P.M. Chobots time.  It will be at the Agents HQ on the busiest server. All Agents that attend the meeting will be given a gift. 

Remember, these meetings are not mandatory, but it's suggested you attend so you won't be behind on any of the news or updates happening in-game. 

Have fun,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Game Night

Heey chobots,
Have you any plans for the weekend?Do you like playing games on chobots like pinball,chess,space racer,sweet battle or other games then you better should join the Game Night !

Its also the last Game Night in this year 2013.Like every game Night you need to be the first on the scoreboard to get citizenship,bugs and a Game Controller!The Boards will be open for 2 hours.The Game Night start on Sunday,the 15th of december at 8 Pm Cho-time.Don't forget cheating is not allowed,so if you see someone cheating please report them to support@chobots.net with proof!If you already won the Game Night you cannot play the same game again,you need to take another game !I wish you good luck and Happy playing:)

Thanks for reading,see you there!
Our Bebot.

Contest Winners !

Heey Chobots,
Two contest has come to an end like this year2013!Lets take a look at the pinball contest:

Congratlation to:
Holly2009: you receive 15 days of citizenship and 4000 Bugs
Xoxoxo9112:You receive 11 Days of citizenship and 3000 Bugs
leave:You receive 9 days of citizenship and 2500 Bugs

Great job guys the second and third place was very close you really deserve it!
Lets move to the second contest the Kwanzaa research winners!
It was hard for the chobots team,who shoudl win because they had many amazing entries!
Congratulation to:


Great job guys!Now i know what kwanzaa is,thanks for this interesting and creative template:)
The winners receive 7 Days of citizenship,4000 Bugs and a scroll hand item!
For those who didn't won don't be sad we are going to have more contest in the future!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots 
Our Bebot.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Music Video Contest !

Hey everyone! There are only two weeks left until Christmas day, and for some of you, even less! One of my favorite things about this time of the year is all of the fun, beautiful, and cheerful Christmas songs. There are so many to listen to, it can be overwhelming! 

Well, now you have a chance to show off one of your favorite songs in a Chobots' music video! For this contest, you can use either a winter song or a Christmas themed song. Your music video should incorporate a winter or holiday theme. You can use any song you want, just make sure it's appropriate!

Make sure to upload your video to Youtube. Once your video is uploaded, comment the link here. You have until December 18th, one week, to submit your video. 

The winners of this contest will win some cool prizes! Have fun, and make sure to do the best you can. 

Best of luck,

December Journalist's !

Heey chobots,
2013 was a important yera for all journalist's.We had many changes on the team because every month new journalists are coming and leaving.We have the last change in thsi year 2013 and im happy to announce the new Journalists:

Congratulation all blogs are amazing!A Big congratulation to Vasa,she is one of the users who won the Journalist badge more then 8 times!She plays a big role in the Journalist History,so she will be a journalist each month until she stop blogging and will be invited to post on the official blog!
The chobots team want to thank you for this co-operation and cant wait till 2014 starts for another wonderful co-operation!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots!
Our Bebot.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pinball contest!

Heey Chobots,
Im sure all of you know the little cool game Pinball.But sadly many peoples forget the game in the gamezone,So the chobots team decided to change that !The contets starts from today until the 10th december !The winners will get amazing prizes as well!I wish you good luck and funny playing!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots!
Our Journalist Bebot.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Forum Layout !

Heey chobots,
The staff were wroking on the forum for a whole day so it was closed.But now the forum is workin again and got a new layout look!.

The new design looks really modern and cool,i really love it.If you want to join the forum just click  here
Thanks for reading this short break,i wish you a nice weekend :)!
Our Journalist Bebot.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kwanzaa research contest!

Heey Chobots,

Christmas is coming really close.Christmas is one of my favourite event on chobots because every street is full of snow and we can do cool missions with santa.I also like it because the streets are decorated with amazing lights,you can build snowmans and also opening  presents.But some peoples celebrate Kwanzaa instead of christmas!Im sure many of you don't know what kwanzaa is so its time for a research contest!Help us to understand what kwanzaa is and do a creative and informative template !You can use this template for your entry:

Find informations about kwanzaa as much as you can and put it into this template !
You have until the 10th of december to submit your entry in a comment under the official blog post!If you want to submit your entry click here
Ps:Dont copy the text's from the internet,counts as cheating!So create your own informative and creative template !The winners will get sweet prizes!
Good luck and can't wait to know what kwanzaa is :D
Thanks for reading,see you on chobots!
Our Journalist Bebot.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Commercial Contest Winners

Hey everyone! Just a week ago, the Chobots Team hosted a video contest. This definitely wasn't our typical contest, however! For this contest, users were challenged to make a Chobots Commercial. There were many fantastic and beautiful entries, but the team narrowed it down to only three winners. Congratulations to:





A huge congratulations to all of the winners! You will each receive a video camera hand item for your Chobot, one week of Citizenship, and 5,000 bugs. Your entries were very creative, and I'm sure all of you spent quite a bit of time working on them!

If you didn't win this time, there will always be next time! Just keep trying. 

Have a nice day,

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Citizenship !

Heey Chobots,
Like every month we have new membership packages !The designer team made amazing new items for this package this month!Because christmas is coming really close,the chobots team made a hliday package with 4 items in total.This specail edition is called ''The winter royalty''
If you buy the 1 month package you will be able to trade items with your friends on chobots,you will get 10'000 Bugs,2 crowns,2 royal suits and amazing blue ice wings!All this For only 4.99$
A Big thanks to the designer team who released these wonderful items!
Thanks for reading,see you on chobots
Our Journalist Bebot.

Winter Art contest !

Heey chobots,
Im sure all of you can't wait until its christmas.Christmas is one of the interesting events in chobots.In this year season the staff team held many contests like video,scrapbook,comic and also drawing!This time we have a winter drawing contest where you need to draw 1 or more staff member with creative winter decoration.Here are the 4 staff members you can draw:


Don't forget the staff team judge the creativity of your drawing so lets take a pen and start to let  your creativity out !You have until the 12th of december to submit your drawings!
The winners will get sweet and only for winter designed items ! I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all the fantastic drawings:)

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots.
Our Journalist Bebot.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Journalist's + Friendslist reset !

Heey Choobts,
like every month the Chobots team is looking for new Journalist's.If you like blogging and creating headers and template why do you not participate,perhpas you will win the Journalist Badge!But it isn't so easy,you need to follow these rules to get a chance:

-Your Blog should be older then 1 Month.
-You should be active on your blog,at least 3 post in a week.
-You should write with your own words,not copied from the main blog or other blogs.
-You blog should be decorated with a header and a template you also can put music or other things in your Blog.

So you see it isn't so easy to get the badge but if you follow these rules you have a good chance to win.Now lets look forward to the prizes:

-Your blog will be on the journalist blogroll on the main blog!
-You blog link will be writen on the top bar over the play window.
-A Journalist Badge on your playercard with the blog name.
-A journalist playercard
-You are able to post one post in the main blog.
-You are able to write with moderators even,their blokced the playercard.
-You get 1 week of citizenship,10'000 Bugs and a Feather
-Your nametag will be purple

You have until the 6th of december to submit your blog with a link in a comment under the official blog post !Click here to submit your blog.
Because the year 2013 will end ,the chobots team is searching some year reviews on your blog if you will post a review about the year 2013 you will have a higher chance to win!
I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all the interesting blogs!

November Journalists:If you are interested in remaining a Journalist you are not required to resubmit your blog!

The chobots development team cleared your list to see who is inactive.They also upgradet the friendslist so its faster to opening the list.The team want to say sorry and gave to every user 7000 Bugs!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots.
Our Journalist Bebot.