Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas scrapbook !

Heey chobots,
Tomorrow many of us celebrate christmas.But not all celebrate it in the same way so the chobots team would like to know,who you celebrate christmas in your country!Use this scrapbook and put as many information as possible in it:

You have until the 28th of december to submit your entry in a comment under the official blog post.If you dont have any ideas what you should write,are here some ideas.
-What do you like the most about christmas
-what are you doing on christmas
-who do you celebrate it
-with who do you celebrate it
-what are your highlits on christmas

On this scrapbook you can design,draw,write.its your scrapbook make it creative and informative and you have a big chance to win!The winners and those who join the contest will get amazing prizes!

Thanks for reading,Merry christmas to you!
Our Bebot.

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