Thursday, December 12, 2013

Game Night

Heey chobots,
Have you any plans for the weekend?Do you like playing games on chobots like pinball,chess,space racer,sweet battle or other games then you better should join the Game Night !

Its also the last Game Night in this year 2013.Like every game Night you need to be the first on the scoreboard to get citizenship,bugs and a Game Controller!The Boards will be open for 2 hours.The Game Night start on Sunday,the 15th of december at 8 Pm Cho-time.Don't forget cheating is not allowed,so if you see someone cheating please report them to with proof!If you already won the Game Night you cannot play the same game again,you need to take another game !I wish you good luck and Happy playing:)

Thanks for reading,see you there!
Our Bebot.

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