Sunday, July 17, 2016

The News #10

Hey Guys

Im back from holidays and i have many things to tell you about chotopia. As always i give you a recap of this week. So don't loose any time and move over to the first topic.

Summer is here to have fun and meet friends, but we werent able to do that because of the bad Nichos! Thats why the staff team decided to host a Nichos Party at the Nichos Kingdom to rescue Gune from the bad Nichos. You had to bring a lightbulb hat, speed magig and invisibility magic with you, to do the mission. There was also some rain, magic, music and lots of fun! Many users attended the party and thats why it was a blast! Here are some party pictures:

Wow a big thanks to the staff team for this amazing party. For those who missed it this time, don't be sad, there are going to be more parties in the future!

To bring us in vacation mood, the staff team decided to held a Postcard Contest. Im sure everyone likes writting postcards and is happy when you receive one from your friends. Now it's your turn, to write a Summer Vacation Postcard at least one of the staff team. Bring all your creativity and skills into this template:

Write about, hwere you went, what you did, who you went with, what did you like, fact you learned etc. You can really create your own postcard with pictures, designs, words etc. But please remember to use the template and that your content is appropriate. Your allowed to submit up to two entries. Don't steal other's ideas and act fairly. You have time until July 24th to submit your entry as a comment with an imgur link under the official blog post by clicking here . I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all your amazing postcards!

As always i have a little bonus for you. As you may know im searching walldrawings which you design at the Citizen-,Agent- or Artistwall and i post them on my blog. I've found an amazing walldrawing this week which i have to show you. Have a look at it:

Isn't it just wonderful? I really love it, keep up the great work. So if you want to be featured on my posts, so move over to a wall and let your creativity out!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The News #9

Hey Guys

Your all like huh its not sunday yet. That's right, but i decided to post now because i have lots of things to tell you abotu and it can't wait until sunday. So as always, dont loose any time and lets quickly move to the first topic.

All of you noticed, that summer has finally arrived. July started today and this means, the staff search new Journalists. So if you have a blog which is chotopia related, why don't you submit ? You will be awarded with sweet prizes like: Citizenship, a feather hand item, Journalist badge, a purple nametag, your blog on the official blogroll and a chance to write a post on the official main blog. Isn't this great? 

As always, the staff team chose only the best blogs. So if you publish your own content, your active in the community and other social medias like the forum, twitter or facebook then you have a big chance to be next jounralist of the month! If you want to participate, you just have to put your blog link in a comment under the official blog post by clicking here .
I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all your interesting blogs!!

July is a very important month for the USA and Canada. They all celebrate the independence for their country. To get in this mood, the staff team decided to held a research contest! All you have to do is, put all informations you can find about this day in this template, add fun facts, eye-catching
 pictures, detailed notes and all your creativity you have. 

It's allowed to take informations from the internet, aslong as it is factual content from liable websites. Please upload your entry on imgur and post your imgur link under the official blog post by clicking here. Please dont copy things from other participants because you can get disqualified. You have until July 7th to submit your entry and win amazing prizes! I wish you good luck and cant wait to see those informative entries.

But whats better then celebrating independence day with your chotopia friends? We also have a big party at the Park tomorrow at 10 pm Cho-Time. There is going to be music, magic and rain. There will also be a a fashion contest between who wore the most patriotic colors of America or Canada. So you you should dress in red and white or red and blue ! Can't wait for it and hope to see you there!

As last but not least i have a little hint for you. The staff team updated all catalogs in chotopia for a limited time, so hurry up and buy some of them, before they are gone! 

There are some sweet clothes in there, so you should check them out!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.