Monday, November 30, 2015

Garbage collector winners + academy games

Hey Guys

Chotopia is finally clean before garbage and shines in his old wonderful appearance. WIthout you guys it wouldn't be possible. Many users played intensive everyday and im sure all of you had great fun. But at always, there can only be 3 winners, so im glad to announce them:

Congrats Becookie, Lakshay and Dinkeldog you guys did an amazing job. Also a big thanks to all participants, who helped to clean the city. Don't be sad if you lost this time, because there is a new Contest running in-game at the moment ! Move over to the academy to participate at the newst
contests. This time the sliders and checkers tables are open which you can earn points and to get under the top 3, to win some sweet prizes. You have time until Saturday, 12th of December ! So hurry up, bring your friends to play with you, but always play fair ! If you see some one cheating, please report the user to

I wish you good luck and can't wait to play with you guys ;)
Your Bebot

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Party Recap + Garbage Collector Contest !

Hey Guys

Yesterday the Moderators held a party for us with the topic Thanksgiving. Many users came online for this party and when it started, we were over 30 people ! The party was a blast with his wonderful music, magic and awesome rain. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed intense hour. As I promissed are here the party pictures, which I took for you guys:

I hope this pictures shows you, how great the party was. I've you missed it, dont be sad there are more parties in the future. At this point, i want to say a big thanks to the staff team, for holding this party!

At the party, Shadow also announced a new in-game contest which you can find at the Space quay. Play with your firends or alone to get the maximum of points at the garbage collector contest! You have time until saturday the 28th of november to get under the top 3, to win sweet prizes. Don't forget, if you see someone cheating, please report the user with proof to I wish you good luck and have fun!

Thanks for reading,see you in-game
Your Bebot!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Comic and Space Racing Contest Results !

Hey Guys

After a quite week on my Blog, im back with some great news for you. As you may know, the staff team decided to held a cmoic contest about Thanksgiving. Many users participated and loved this new kind of contest. But as always, there can only be 3 winners. Congratulation to:


Me ( Bebot )


Tikihiki,Scarlett and I won 7 days of citizenship, 7000 Bugs, 20 Candies and a Comic hand item.

All of you, who participated did a great job and don't forget, there is always a next time ! Im really happy that they also choosed my comic.
A week ago the Space Racing contest started and a lot of users played it intese quite all day. A big congratulation to:

I'm sure it wasn't easy for them but they can enjoy their prizes now! For all those who didn't won this time, don't be sad, there are going to be more in-game contests coming soon!

PS: Don't forget, there will be a Thanksgiving party in a hour at 8 Pm Cho-Time, so why don't you visit us for great music, magic, rain and of course a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading, see you at the Party
Your Bebot.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Farming results + Space Racing Contest

Hey Guys

The Cow mission contest started a week ago and ended yesterday. Im happy to announce the winners and the message from daisy. She's really thankfull for all the work you did for her. The winter can arrive now, she ate enough. But now congratulation to the best farmers:

First place: Pjrgnomey, 10'000 bugs, 14 days of citizenship and 15 candies
Second place: Horizon, 7000 Bugs, 10 days of citizenship and 10 candies
Third place: Katara, 5000 Bugs, 7 days of citizenship and 5 candies

Congrats guys, you've done a great job. A big thanks to all participants aswell, if you haven't won this time you always have a chance on next contests. When one contest ends, there always a new one starting. This time its the Space Racing Contest, which is open right now until saturday the 21th of november. Move over there and have fun with your friends.
I wish you good luck and don't forget, if you see someone cheating, please report the user with proof to 

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

New Staff members + Thanksgiving Party!

Hey Guys

I'm here with great news, shadow announced that we got 2 new Moderators now. The new Moderators are called Lava and Blaine. They both have a big knowledge about the game and helped to keep the game safe and interesting. Don't forget to congratulate, when you see them in-game.
Because the game gwos up very fastly, the staff team also decided to bring up a new Agent. Its a big honour for us agents to congratulate Horizon in our group. She really deserve it and also did a lot for this game. Don't forget to congratulate her

Let's come to the last topic. As you may know, Thanksgiving is not far away. That we get into the mood of it, the staff team decided to host a comic contest, which you can still enter. Im happy to announce, that we have a 

Thanksgiving party this Saturday, at 7 Pm Cho-Time at the cafestreet. Im sure, the party will be a blast, so you better shouldn't miss it. But if you can't attend, you still see some party pictures, which I will upload here on my Blog. I really hope to see you all there, to have some fun.

Thats it for now, Thanks for reading
Your Bebot.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Santa's goodies

Hey Guys

The streets are full of snow and decorations. Its cold enough now, so a quest decided to visit us. It's mr. Snowman and he comes with some great items. He brought us 3 catalog's full of Santa goodies. Have a look at them:

They're just amazing and also for juniors ! Mr. Snowman is at the cafestreet, so hurry up before he melt :D
A big thanks to the staff team for those wonderful items. I think we are ready for winter, arent we?
Now we're just waiting for santa and his reindeers.

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Latest News !

Hey Guys

A lot of things were done this week, so i decided to put all the informations in 1 post. Let's start with the Pinball results.

As you may know, there was a Pinball contest which lasted until today. Many users participated and the results were very close. Congrats to all participants,because you've done a great job, but there are always winners. A special congratulation to:

They worked really hard for it so enjoy your prizes. As i said because it was so close, Courtney also got 5 days of citizenship, 7500 Bugs and 4 Candies. 

Shadow decided to open another in-game contest. This time we move to the mission agency where you can visit Daisy! Yes, the Cow Mission Contest is open now and will end the 14th of november, so hurry up. Its your chance to win sweet prizes or just having fun with your friends. The rules are simple, if you see someone cheating, please report the user with proof to the staff team via e-mail , the user will be disqualified immedialety! I wish you good luck ad don't forget, winning is not everything, enjoy your time with your friends feeding Daisy :D

Some of you played other chobots games before and may remember the chobots market. It's a stock market, where you can sell your items from the wardrobe. It's quite simple, you chose which item you want to sell and how much it should cost. When a user is interested in one of your items, he or she will bid for it and the price is getting higher after every bid. It's a good opportunity, to buy new items and sell your old or which you never use. For this you need bugs which you transfer from your character into the market. I hope I could explain you a little bit what the chobots market is. So why dont you try it, click on the like to get into the market 

As you may noticed, the $hop is a very interesting market where you can buy rare items, playercards, bodies and chat bubbles. The staff team decided to restock it and put a new thing in it. Your now able to buy magic in the $hop paying buy in-game candies. Look at them:

They are just amzing, arent they? If you want to buy them you should really hurry up, because they are really in demand and many users want them. You can visit the shop, by clicking here ghd

Thanksgiving is coming closer and closer, so the staff team decided to host new kind of contest to celebrate it. It's your chance to let your creativity out and create a funny thanksgiving comic. The only rule is, it has to be chobots related and it has to do with thanksgiving. Here are some important tipps from the staff team :

  •     It is always a good idea to have a clear structure or plot to your story.
  •     You can take screenshots to edit and crop, as well as lay out both images and text onto the template using an image-editing software like Adobe Photoshop.
  •     Your layout arrangement can be however you'd like. Please remember to number your boxes in the sequence order that it should be read in.
  •     You can have a maximum of two-parts to your story, as in you are allowed to make it two comic strips long if it all doesn't fit onto one. 
  •     Other Chobots can be featured in your comic as different characters. BUT, it will only count as one entry for one Chobot. For instance, you may ask your friends to help you, but this would be your entry and not theirs. Also, be sure to include your username.
  •     Please upload it to or and provide us with the link in the comments section below, so that we can all view your amusing comics! 
Here is the template which you have to use:

You have time until the 19th of november to enter your comic. I can't wait to see all your wonderful entries. I wish you good luck.

I hope i could show you all the latest news from this week in 1 post. 

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Winter is coming!

Hey Guys

Not only my Blog got a new winter update, no the streets in chotopia are full of snow aswell! Shadow decided to bring christmas feelings back and decorated the streets with presents, christmas balls, ice and snow. To give you an idea, how it looks like, are here some pictures i took for you:

I really love when the streets looks like this, what about you? I'm sure that santa is coming soon with his reindeers and give us some sweet prizes ! 

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sweetbattle winners and Pinball competition !

Heey Guys

First of all im sure you've seen my new header, wich i created for the upcoming winter. I hope you like it, I tried that the header matchs with the background. But we are not here to talk about the header because we had a Sweetbattle contest this week, wich ended yesterday. The winners are announced and by the way i want to congratulate Laceh, Firexavina and Courtney! They were the only participants wich have not cheatet !

You have done a great job, enjoy your prizes. I want to remember you that winning is not all, have fun with your friends playing and not just to win prizes. Please don't cheat at those games because it's really hard for those users, who really plays fair. Don't forget if you see someone cheating, send a email to with proof ! 

Shadow decided to open another contest in the gamezone to give other users a chance to win some great prizes. The new contest is called Pinball. It's in the gamezone and you can participate until the 8th of november ! The rules are the same, those users who cheats , gets disqualified from the contest. If you see someone cheating please report him to the staff team with proof. 
I wish you good luck and lots of fun!

Thats it, thanks for reading
Your Bebot