Monday, November 30, 2015

Garbage collector winners + academy games

Hey Guys

Chotopia is finally clean before garbage and shines in his old wonderful appearance. WIthout you guys it wouldn't be possible. Many users played intensive everyday and im sure all of you had great fun. But at always, there can only be 3 winners, so im glad to announce them:

Congrats Becookie, Lakshay and Dinkeldog you guys did an amazing job. Also a big thanks to all participants, who helped to clean the city. Don't be sad if you lost this time, because there is a new Contest running in-game at the moment ! Move over to the academy to participate at the newst
contests. This time the sliders and checkers tables are open which you can earn points and to get under the top 3, to win some sweet prizes. You have time until Saturday, 12th of December ! So hurry up, bring your friends to play with you, but always play fair ! If you see some one cheating, please report the user to

I wish you good luck and can't wait to play with you guys ;)
Your Bebot

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