Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sweetbattle winners and Pinball competition !

Heey Guys

First of all im sure you've seen my new header, wich i created for the upcoming winter. I hope you like it, I tried that the header matchs with the background. But we are not here to talk about the header because we had a Sweetbattle contest this week, wich ended yesterday. The winners are announced and by the way i want to congratulate Laceh, Firexavina and Courtney! They were the only participants wich have not cheatet !

You have done a great job, enjoy your prizes. I want to remember you that winning is not all, have fun with your friends playing and not just to win prizes. Please don't cheat at those games because it's really hard for those users, who really plays fair. Don't forget if you see someone cheating, send a email to with proof ! 

Shadow decided to open another contest in the gamezone to give other users a chance to win some great prizes. The new contest is called Pinball. It's in the gamezone and you can participate until the 8th of november ! The rules are the same, those users who cheats , gets disqualified from the contest. If you see someone cheating please report him to the staff team with proof. 
I wish you good luck and lots of fun!

Thats it, thanks for reading
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