Sunday, April 26, 2020

6th Chotopia Birthday Recap!

Hey Chotopian's

Wow what a legendary day it was am I right? I can't put it in words how happy I am after this Chotopia Birthday event. Im not here to talk about my emotions of course, so let's see what we did the whole day on our game, which teurned 6 years this month.

The Chotopia Birthday event was announced a long time ago. Many rumours went around Chotopia, how it will take place but the this week we got the official schedule. The Event started on time today, the 26th of April at 10am Cho-time. The whole event took place at differents spots and lasted for over incredible 6 hours! The whole day was divided in mini events, which each lasted for 30 minutes.

First we met at the shop square to start with a well known party called "Age 0". Player dressed up like the first day the joined Chotopia and we had music, magic and rain. Here some impressions:

The party was really cool and the staff team rained the first birthday items, which were designed especially for this event. After this we moved to the underground, were our agent realm hosted a high demanded hangman.

This shouldnt be the last agent event on our birthday event. After you warmed up by guessing words, we moved over to the academy street and gamezone, to play some of our popular mini games. As im a big fan of sliders, I couldnt miss this event.

After these intense games, we needed some fresh drinks and cool rain to calm down. And there we came to our second party, this time the theme was "Blast from the past". The users dressed up once more and we had amazing magic effects, music and lots of rain.

The party took place at the old cafestreet and was insane! After the party it was time to battle each other again. Thats why we moved to the garbage collector, where the boards were open for another 30 mins.

After we all played against each other it was time to involve our agents once more. This time it was bacachoo's turn, he held a Chotopia related Quiz at the Park! The answers were really interesting some times.

As we already were at the park, the sweetbattle contest opened for 30 minutes after the quiz came to an end. After the multiplayer contest, it was time for another party! Yes already our third party. We all got flushed to the old academy were we had the theme "Blue and Purple".

All parties are cool but this one was special to me. The activity was insane and the location fit perfectly. After the party we moved over to the mission agency, were we played for another 30 minutes Nichos and Cow mission. I have never seen so many farmers before and we all had so much fun. This was our last mini game before we had our last agent event. This time it was Megs turn, she hosted a Fashion show at her house.

Everyone was in a good mood and was ready for our last but huge event for today. We had our last and 4th party. This time we went to the time zone room were we held our Chotopia Birthday party! We had a huge wave of items rain, magic and music. 

This was our crowning conclusion and made our 6th anniversary just a huge success. Im sure all of you enjoyed it as I did. This day will stay in our memories for a long long time. Thanks to everyone who helped out and participated, to make this day unforgettable!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The anniversary is around the corner!

Hey Chotopian's

As promissed I give you the latest new about the 6th anniversary of Chotopia. So let's see which information I could pick up for you:

- 6th Birthday party will take place on the 26th of April
- The whole Birthday party will take place on different places and will last for many many hours (I can't tell you how long yet)
- There are going to be a lot of events and different parties during this time
- There is a new Quest and a birthday exclusive shop at the cafestreet
- A brand new, never seen decoration at the cafestreet to fit the festive event

A sparrow whispered to me, that we get the schedule tomorrow on the main blog! As soon as I get the official news, I will immediately inform you.

Be sure to clear your cache before you log in to see the new decoration and the features at the cafestreet. Have a look at it:

New decoration at the cafestreet
New quest called Shadow

Are you guys as hyped as I am? I can't wait to celebrate with you all on sunday! To shorten the time you can log in now and complete the quest.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow with the latest news about the birthday party.
Your Bebot

Sunday, April 19, 2020

The News #10

Hey Chotopian's

I guess all of you are still in quarantine and some of you might get bored. So I got good news for you all! With this post I hope to influence your day in a positive way. Alright let's see which surprises the new week brings us on Chotopia.

As always I want to start with a quick recap of the past week. As you may know we had a Rockband party 2.0 on Friday. Thanks to all who participated and showed up with their best outfits, you all rocked this. Here are some impressions: 

We had cool music, magic and of course rain. At the party the staff team made some important announcements. First of all, there is going to be a never seen CHOTOPIA BIRTHDAY PARTY on the 26th of April! Trust me its going to be huge and you better dont miss it. The staff team made a schedule which will be announced on the main blog soon! Secondly the promotion of our new agents were done at the party. Please welcome our freshly baked agents:

Realm and Megs had the most votes on the agent poll and i'm sure no one regrets it. No one would fit this job better then these two active and lovely personalities! Congratulations and welcome to the team. 

Some of you also noticed that there are two new users walking around Chotopia with a Moderator badge and a red name tag. Yes the Community Staff got reinforced by two new users. Congratulations to:

Also two players which fits perfectly to this role and im sure they will do their job really good. Can't wait to work closer with you too!

So you see many things happened this week. But it's time to focus on the new week. As the Chothrow contest came to an end today, there has to be a new in-game contest! So it's time for another single player contest. This time I invite you to head over to the gamezone and play one of my favourite games Robofactory

The Robofactory contest starts tomorrow, 20th of April until the 26th! The first place will be awarded with an exclusive robofactory background for their playercard!

There are going to be several events again this week such as agent events and of course our huge Chotopia Birthday party. More information will come in the following days. I will inform you as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The News #9

Hey Chotopian's

Hope you all spent a good easter time with your family at home. But i'm not here to talk about easter, as you know "The News" is here to give you the latest updates, whats going on in the world of Chotopia. So let's see what this week brings us.

First of all, I want to remind you, that there is a new contest called "your favourite recipe" where you can show your skills as a chef or baker. All of us have a favourite meal, sweet or salty, why dont you show us your recipe so we can try it out ourself? All you got to do is, make your recipe easy and understandable, don't use anything from the internet and put this all together with some pictures in this template:

You have time to submit your entry until the 26th of April via Discord or under the official blog post! I can't wait to see your recipes and i'm sure im going to try them out!

But as you know there is always an in-game contest going on at the same time. After the cow mission came to an end, the staff team decided that Chothrow contest is our next in-game mulitplayer contest! 

The boards at the Park will be open until the 19th of April. So grab your tomatoes and your friends and head over to the Park!

There are several things that comes up every week, like our agent event. This time we are are playing hangman at the agent underground at 5 PM Cho-Time this thursday, 16th of April with our freshly baked elite agent Tamara! I hope to see you all there, to have lots of fun!

When did we party the last time? Do you guys even remember? I agree, it was long ago, thats why the staff team decided to grab the instruments out and host a Chotopia Rockband Party 2.0. The Party will be this friday, 17th of April at 6 PM Cho-Time at the Rockemall street.

Be sure that you record your insturments and dress up as a rocker! I can't wait to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with you.

Last but not least I want to give you the very latest news. As you know im the marketer and in charge of the social media accounts. Thats why I give you, my loyal readers, the possibilty to win 7 days of free citizenship! Yes you heared right, all you have to do is, to repost this picture below on your instagram or twitter account, use the hashtags #chotopia #familygame and tag us with @chotopiaus.

Alright that's it from the news. I wish all participants who take part at one of our contest good luck and hope to see you all at the agent event and the party.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there!
Your Bebot.

Monday, April 6, 2020

The News #8

Hey Chotopian's!

I hope you had a good weekend and stayed at home. We are starting a new week with a lot of information around Chotopia. 

First of all a new month always means a new citizenship package. Yes you heared it right, the staff team updated the membership items. Look at this stylish spring items:

As citizen you benefit of many cool features, so be sure to buy your membership today by clicking here

But not only the citizenship package changes every month, no there are also new journalist's every month! Have a look at our newest chotopia bloggers. Congratulations to:

These are our new journalist's for the month of April. You all got awareded with 7 days of citizenship, a feather, journalist badge, purple nametag and all abilities you get as journalist. At this point I want to thank all of my loyal readers out there which encourage me to keep my blog up to date. 

Last friday we celebrated an "Age 0 Party". First of all a huge thanks to all who participated! I've never seen so many users online at the same time. It was just amazing, have a look at the impressions:

Wow I still can't find words to describe how happy I was when i saw you all. This activity is amazing, I hope to see you all again daily to get this vibe everyday and not only on partys. But this wasn't the only event we had this weekend.

We also had a Tug o' war contest yesterday evening. It was an agent event hold by our elite agent choobaca. As all events this one was wonderful again and we all had so much fun. 

As you know the agent events happens weekly so be sure to check out discord, social media or the main blog, to get the latest news.

I also want to remind you, that the art contest, where you have to create your own chotopia postcard, is still up until the 11th of April. Find all information by clicking here. And today the farm competition started. You have time to feed Daisy with your farmer friends until 12th of April to get into the top 3. I wish all participants good luck and be sure to private message me if you need a helpful hand.

Thanks for reading, once again I hope you all stay safe out there and can't wait to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.