Sunday, April 19, 2020

The News #10

Hey Chotopian's

I guess all of you are still in quarantine and some of you might get bored. So I got good news for you all! With this post I hope to influence your day in a positive way. Alright let's see which surprises the new week brings us on Chotopia.

As always I want to start with a quick recap of the past week. As you may know we had a Rockband party 2.0 on Friday. Thanks to all who participated and showed up with their best outfits, you all rocked this. Here are some impressions: 

We had cool music, magic and of course rain. At the party the staff team made some important announcements. First of all, there is going to be a never seen CHOTOPIA BIRTHDAY PARTY on the 26th of April! Trust me its going to be huge and you better dont miss it. The staff team made a schedule which will be announced on the main blog soon! Secondly the promotion of our new agents were done at the party. Please welcome our freshly baked agents:

Realm and Megs had the most votes on the agent poll and i'm sure no one regrets it. No one would fit this job better then these two active and lovely personalities! Congratulations and welcome to the team. 

Some of you also noticed that there are two new users walking around Chotopia with a Moderator badge and a red name tag. Yes the Community Staff got reinforced by two new users. Congratulations to:

Also two players which fits perfectly to this role and im sure they will do their job really good. Can't wait to work closer with you too!

So you see many things happened this week. But it's time to focus on the new week. As the Chothrow contest came to an end today, there has to be a new in-game contest! So it's time for another single player contest. This time I invite you to head over to the gamezone and play one of my favourite games Robofactory

The Robofactory contest starts tomorrow, 20th of April until the 26th! The first place will be awarded with an exclusive robofactory background for their playercard!

There are going to be several events again this week such as agent events and of course our huge Chotopia Birthday party. More information will come in the following days. I will inform you as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot!

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