Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scrapbook contest results + Game Night winners !

Heey lovely Readers,
Long time i didn't post here,this week wasn't special.There was nothing interesting to post on here.Okay lets check the scrapbook winners.

A week ago,Julia held a scrapbook contest,it wa sabout ''your weekend''.After more then 40 entry's are here the winners:

First plce: Vasa12345
She put many pictures in her scrapbook,it makes it creative !

Second place: Sweets
She also put many pictures in it and decorated her template in awesome colours !

Third place: Hydra
He created an interesting template with informative facts about his weekend.

Congratulation,Everyone of you got 1 week of citizenship,a medal and 5000 Bugs.
Hyrda got 1000 bugs extra because he decorated his cover too!

Okay lets go over to the Game Night winners.
Last saturday we celebrated the last Game Night in this month June!
It was an interesting and funny night.But the hereos of the Night are:

Congratulation,everyone of you got a Game Controller,10 Days of Citizenship and 6000 Bugs.
If you didn't won this time,don't be sad.Every 2 weekend's we have a Game Night !
So prepares you for the next Game Night in july !

That was it for today,thanks for reading and see ya on chobots.
Our Journalist Bebot.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Items !

Heey Chobots,
New summer items arrived the catalogues  !We have awesome never seen items before in the shop.
With these items your ready for the summer,the new items are very cheap.check them out:
I love the new Blue Board and the Flower hat.
Im ready for the summer,what about you?
Let's go shopping!

Thanks for reading,see you around chobots
Our Journalist Bebot.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dress like a mod winners + Summer contest results

Heey Chobots,
For those who attend the ''Dress like a Moderator Party'' knew,that the staff team searched the best dressed users like a moderator.On the party we saw a lof of coby's and yaniv's,but not all can win.The bets dressed users was:

Congratulation to:comebackiid,Luna,Toastytim,mike,david09 and flute.
Everyone of you got 5000 Bugs and a red rosette

This week we also had a funny contest about the summer.Yaniv asked you to search some interesting facts about the summer and put it into a template.round 60 users participated on the contest,but only a few peoples can win.Congratulation to:

1st place:Vasa12345 with her creative and informative template
Prizes:14 Days of Citizenship,8000 Bugs and a scroll
Second place: La09 with his awesome pictures and colourfull template
prizes: 7 Days of citizenship,6000 Bugs and a scroll
Third palce:Chrysaor with his professional template
Prizes: 5 Days of citizenship,4000 Bugs and a scroll

Congratulation,guys you did a great job.If you didn't won this time never mind there is a new contest about ''your weekend'' more informations by clicking 

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots
Our Journalist Bebot.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cow mission results + new contest !

Heey Chobots,
After a day of full informations,are here coming more of these ! First one i wanted to make a ''The News Day'' post but i have not all to much informations for it.Okay first one a big Congratulation to our Cow mission winners.Daisy was very hungry but now im sure she's stuffed :D
Okay here are the winners:

First Place: Barckleschnoff,
he receive 6500 Bugs and 7 Days of citizenship 

Second place: Alexa
she receive 5000 Bugs and 5 Days of citizenship 

Third place: Grace
she receive 4000 Bugs and 3 Days of citizenship 

A contest came to an end and a new one started ,we already had this contest.But this time you need to put interesting facts about Your Weekend and put it into this template:

You can put pictures,text etc. into the template,the chobots team judge for creativity!
You have until 28th June to comment your entry on the official blog post.Comment your entry by clicking here I wish you good luck and can't wait to see the awesome templates.

Thanks for reading,see ya later.
Our Journalist Bebot.

Dress like a Moderator Party re-cap !

Heey Chobots,
as already announced are here the party pictures.First i want to say that we had a lot of lag and everytime a conection error.It doesn't rain but we had a lot of music and magic.Okay lets check the pictures out:
 Rainbow with TNT magic on a blue background

Hearth with sun magic on a green/blue background

We moved to the winter park!

Sun magic on a purple background

Sun magic on a red background

I think these pictures show,how many fun and magic we had.
If you missed this party,never mind we are going to have another tonight on the Game Night !

Thanks for reading,see you on the Game Night !
Our Journalist Bebot.

Chopix contest results !

Heey Chobots,
After a week of studing and asking chopix,we have interesting facts about chopix.A lot of users interviewed chopix but not all can win so the chobots team choose 3 winners,who did a great job.
The winners are:

                                     First place,Toastytim with his awesome comedy entry:

 photo chopixnews_zps46926983.png

Second place,Grace with her creative and informative entry:

My Contest Entry

Third place,ostrich with his amazing template:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Congratulation,everyone of you got a microphone,7 days of citizenship and 5000 Bugs.
If you didn't won this time,don't be sad.We are going to have more of these contest !

Today a new user joined the agency team ( Agent team ).If think they found the right agent,because he's very helpful and a very good friend !
Please give a warm welcome to Destrotant

Destrotant show's that a young chobots can reach a lot,he is only 87 days old and a Forum legend,Journalist and Agent !Just never give up,to get the agent abdge you need to work really hard!
Ps:The Dress like a Mod Party pictures are coming soon !

Thanks for reading,see you on the Game Night !
Our Journalist Bebot.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Game Night !

Heey chobots,
Its time for another Game Night,the rules are the same.You need to play a game for 1 hour,to get a prize you should be the first on the competition Boards.All Games in chobots are open,select your favourite game and win 6000 Bugs,10 Days of citizenship and a Game controller.The Moderators are going to check all games for cheaters,if they find one,the user will get disqualified.
If you find a cheater,please report the user with proof at 
The Game Night starts on Saturday,June 22nd at 7:30 Pm Cho-time.I hope to see you there !    I wish you good luck,but remember winning is not all,as long you have fun !

Thanks for reading,see you on the Game Night!
Our Journalist Bebot.

June Journalists

Hi everyone! After the team searched through many wonderful blogs, it was narrowed down to only 10 Journalists. Everyone's blogs were amazing! Without further ado, the new Journalists are: 

Congratulations to all of the new Journalists! All of your blogs were fantastic, and I could not be happier with the result. :D Remember, even if you didn't become a Journalist this time, there is always next time. Just work hard and continue improving your blog. Do not give up! :)

Have a spectacular week,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dress like a Mod Party !

Heey Chobots,
After a great animal party we come to the next event in this awesome month june.Last Sunday we dressed us like an animal now its time to dress you up as a Moderator!Here are more informations:

Join us at the Cafestreet in the server Chocolate on June 21st at 17:30Pm Cho-time.
The best dressed will win some awesome prizes !
Can't wait to see all the awesome styles,i also will be there and im going to take some awesome party pictures for you readers.
Thanks for reading,see you on the Mod Party :)
Our Journalist Bebot.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Farming Contest

When I was walking around the farm, I heard a loud growl coming from the corner. I turned around, only to see the noise was coming from Daisy! Poor Daisy's stomach was growling. Now it's up to us to make sure she is full again!

You have from June 17th, all the way until June 20th to feed Daisy as much as you can, and for a spot on the leader-board. Winners will receive some nice prizes!

Cheating is not allowed. If you suspect someone is cheating, e-mail with proof. 

Have fun competing everyone! Remember, it's not about winning. As long as you had fun and enjoyed competing, that's better than winning. :)

Have a nice week,

Monday, June 17, 2013

Animal Party review !

Heey Chobots,
 As already announced are here the Party pictures.We had a lot of fun and quizzes yesterday on the animal party.Julia and Michael held the party in the eco shop.We got 2 spiked wings and other awesome rain items.We also had great magic and lovely music.Okay i don't wanna talk more lets have a look to the party pictures:

I think these Party pictures show's how much fun we had.Thanks Chobots Team for this awesome party.
Thanks for reading,see you on chobots!
Our Journalist Bebot.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Animal Party !

Heey Chobots,
It has been a while since we had a Animal Party.So its time to put your mask and clothes on an dress you like a animal.The party starts Sunday,16th June at 7 Pm-Cho-time in the eco shop,server Vanilla.
Don't forget to put animal clothes on,because its a animal party.The chobots team is going to do some rain and quizzes.Im sure we are going to have a lot of fun.I will be there and im going to take some party pictures for you readers.So Hope to see you there :)
Ps:Don't forget to meet us Today at 8 Pm-Cho-Time in the 
agent's underground for a Hangman and Pictionary.

Thanks for reading,see you on the party
Our Journalist Bebot.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hangman/Pictionary + New Contest !

Heey Chobots,
As you noticed,the chobots team love to make some Hangman and Pictionary games with you !
This weekend they are going to hold a new Pictionary and Hangman day.Meet me and the staff team Saturday,the 15th June at 8 Pm Cho-time in the Agent underground,server Chocolate 
Im sure we are going to have much fun.The team is also given Citizenship and Bugs away for the winners,so don't miss it ;)!

Maya is also holding a new kind of a contest.Do you know some facts about Chopix ? Maya is searching informations round about chopix for the new contest !She is holding a contest called ''The chobots news'' we already had one of these contest but not with this theme.Find some cool and interesting facts about chopix and put it into this template :

Don't forget to put some pictures and effects on the template,because they search creative and cool entry's !You have until 20th June to submit it on the official blog post.
To submit your blog,you just need to click here . I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all the awesome Chopix facts !

Thanks for reading,see you around chobots !
Our Journalist Bebot.

June Journalist's Wanted !

Heey Chobots,
Like every month the staff team is searching new Journalist's.To get a Journalist Badge you need to work hard and be active.Let's look at the Rules,that you need to follow to get the badge:
-Your blog should be ''simple'' With a header ,template and some gadget's.Like join Chobots Today!
-Your Blog post's should be unique,write your own post's don't copy them from other blogs or the main blog!Your free to take the pictures from the official chobots blog!
-Be active on other in game and be nice to other users.And you know the latest news of the game!
-Be active on other community pages like twitter,facebook or forum and
comment make yourself aware!
-You should write at least 2 times in the week!

If you follow these rules,you have agood chance to get the Badge.So now we are looking forward to the prizes:

-A Journalist Badge with your blog name!
-Perhaps your blog is on the featured play page
-Your Blog will be on the blog archive!
-Moderators will boomark your Blog
- You will be added to an exclusive mailing list to receive the latest news before anyone else knows!
-One free week of Citizenship !
-You receive the feather item!
-You can PC moderators even their playercard is blocked !
-Purple nametag!

Great right ? If you think your blog is ready for this month,so submit your blok by clicking here .You need to submit your blog on the official blog post,you can not submit your blog on a other way !

June Journalist :If you still want to be a Journalist you need to re-submit your Blog !

Thats all,i wish you good luck and can't wait to see all the amazing blogs :)!
Our Journalist Bebot.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The News Day 37!

Heey Chobots:)
What is better to start the new month with a The News Day post ?:D Yeah its time for a new edition.I have a lot to report so lets look at the themes!

-Twitter Button
-Cho Board winners
-Game Night winners
-New contest

Im sure everyone of you know that the team searched new tester for the game.They tested a new update in the game called The twitter button.Its was already there a long time ago but it returned.

Now the button is for everyone here!Its on the right side:

The blue bird button is the twitter button!
If you click there you will reach a new page,it looks like so:
Now type your cho name,and the password on it and you can tweet from chobots !
Have fun by tweeting :)
Last week ago we started a new contest in the gamezone,it was the Cho-board contest.
Im happy to announce the winners.The winners are:

Congratulation to Bright,lucas and vasa12345
Here the prizes:
first place: 5000 Bugs and 7 Days of Citizenship
second place: 4000 Bugs and 5 Days of Citizenship
third place: 3000 Bugs and 3 Days of Citizenship

Congratulation guys,you did a great job.If you didn't won this time you should not be sad,there weill be more of these contest in the future !

Not only the cho-board contest ended,no the Game Night of saturday ended too!
It was a funny and a hard Game Night,some places were very close.
Here the winners:
Asteroid: Destrotand
Pinball: Rockstar
Mechanical Crab: xfade
Robot Factory jinx
Sweet Battle: Waffle1
Palm Painting: Sorry
Chobots racer:Feryat
Garbage collector: Harrythebest
Space racer: likeqeilx33
Tug o' war: Hanicka
Sliders: Coingirl86
Cow mission: Arthas
Coins rain:Helperkelsey

Congratulation everyone of you receive 6000 Bugs,10'000 Bugs and a Game Controller!
The next Game Night will be soon !

Okaxy lets come to the next contest.The chobots team is searching some facts about the summer,why it is so hot in the summer? You have to find some interested facts round about the theme summer and put all your informations on a template.You also can put pictures on it :)
Use this template:
You have one week to submit your entry.
Note: If you find informations copy directly from the internet,please contact the support team and they will look at them.If you find some one cheating your account will get a nice amount of Bugs!
Can't wait to see all the interesting facts round about the summer !i wish you good luck guys :)

Thanks for reading,see you around chobots :)!
Our Journalist Bebot.