Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chobots Idol winners !

Heey Guys,
After more then one week of hard working for the chobots idols,the staff team found 3 winners.
At this point i want to say hat everybody did a great job,i know a lot of you worked really hard for it but im sure we are going to have more contest like this one in the future !Okay lets go to the winners.The winners are:
First place:
Twirl,she got a Rosette,a microphone,10'000 Bugs and 15 Days of Citizenship.
Watch her video by clicking here

Second place:
Eggs,she got a microphone,8000 Bugs and 13 Days of citizenship
Watch her video by clicking here

Third place:
Grace,she got a microphone,5000 Bugs and 10 Days of citizenship.
Watch her video by clicking here

Congratulation :) i really love these videos,they are amazing.

Thanks for reading,see you around chobots.
Our Journalist Bebot.

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