Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cow mission results + new contest !

Heey Chobots,
After a day of full informations,are here coming more of these ! First one i wanted to make a ''The News Day'' post but i have not all to much informations for it.Okay first one a big Congratulation to our Cow mission winners.Daisy was very hungry but now im sure she's stuffed :D
Okay here are the winners:

First Place: Barckleschnoff,
he receive 6500 Bugs and 7 Days of citizenship 

Second place: Alexa
she receive 5000 Bugs and 5 Days of citizenship 

Third place: Grace
she receive 4000 Bugs and 3 Days of citizenship 

A contest came to an end and a new one started ,we already had this contest.But this time you need to put interesting facts about Your Weekend and put it into this template:

You can put pictures,text etc. into the template,the chobots team judge for creativity!
You have until 28th June to comment your entry on the official blog post.Comment your entry by clicking here I wish you good luck and can't wait to see the awesome templates.

Thanks for reading,see ya later.
Our Journalist Bebot.

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