Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scrapbook contest results + Game Night winners !

Heey lovely Readers,
Long time i didn't post here,this week wasn't special.There was nothing interesting to post on here.Okay lets check the scrapbook winners.

A week ago,Julia held a scrapbook contest,it wa sabout ''your weekend''.After more then 40 entry's are here the winners:

First plce: Vasa12345
She put many pictures in her scrapbook,it makes it creative !

Second place: Sweets
She also put many pictures in it and decorated her template in awesome colours !

Third place: Hydra
He created an interesting template with informative facts about his weekend.

Congratulation,Everyone of you got 1 week of citizenship,a medal and 5000 Bugs.
Hyrda got 1000 bugs extra because he decorated his cover too!

Okay lets go over to the Game Night winners.
Last saturday we celebrated the last Game Night in this month June!
It was an interesting and funny night.But the hereos of the Night are:

Congratulation,everyone of you got a Game Controller,10 Days of Citizenship and 6000 Bugs.
If you didn't won this time,don't be sad.Every 2 weekend's we have a Game Night !
So prepares you for the next Game Night in july !

That was it for today,thanks for reading and see ya on chobots.
Our Journalist Bebot.

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