Monday, June 10, 2013

The News Day 37!

Heey Chobots:)
What is better to start the new month with a The News Day post ?:D Yeah its time for a new edition.I have a lot to report so lets look at the themes!

-Twitter Button
-Cho Board winners
-Game Night winners
-New contest

Im sure everyone of you know that the team searched new tester for the game.They tested a new update in the game called The twitter button.Its was already there a long time ago but it returned.

Now the button is for everyone here!Its on the right side:

The blue bird button is the twitter button!
If you click there you will reach a new page,it looks like so:
Now type your cho name,and the password on it and you can tweet from chobots !
Have fun by tweeting :)
Last week ago we started a new contest in the gamezone,it was the Cho-board contest.
Im happy to announce the winners.The winners are:

Congratulation to Bright,lucas and vasa12345
Here the prizes:
first place: 5000 Bugs and 7 Days of Citizenship
second place: 4000 Bugs and 5 Days of Citizenship
third place: 3000 Bugs and 3 Days of Citizenship

Congratulation guys,you did a great job.If you didn't won this time you should not be sad,there weill be more of these contest in the future !

Not only the cho-board contest ended,no the Game Night of saturday ended too!
It was a funny and a hard Game Night,some places were very close.
Here the winners:
Asteroid: Destrotand
Pinball: Rockstar
Mechanical Crab: xfade
Robot Factory jinx
Sweet Battle: Waffle1
Palm Painting: Sorry
Chobots racer:Feryat
Garbage collector: Harrythebest
Space racer: likeqeilx33
Tug o' war: Hanicka
Sliders: Coingirl86
Cow mission: Arthas
Coins rain:Helperkelsey

Congratulation everyone of you receive 6000 Bugs,10'000 Bugs and a Game Controller!
The next Game Night will be soon !

Okaxy lets come to the next contest.The chobots team is searching some facts about the summer,why it is so hot in the summer? You have to find some interested facts round about the theme summer and put all your informations on a template.You also can put pictures on it :)
Use this template:
You have one week to submit your entry.
Note: If you find informations copy directly from the internet,please contact the support team and they will look at them.If you find some one cheating your account will get a nice amount of Bugs!
Can't wait to see all the interesting facts round about the summer !i wish you good luck guys :)

Thanks for reading,see you around chobots :)!
Our Journalist Bebot.

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