Friday, June 7, 2013

Game Night +Agent meeting & recommendations

Heey chobots,
Its time for the first Game Night in this month,the chobots team is going to held the Game Night on Saturday,8th June at 8:30 Pm cho-time in the Robots arena!At this time all games are open in chobots for 1 hour.To get the prizes you need to be the first in the game and you will get bugs,citizenship and a game controller.The staff team is also searching cheaters,so if they find someone cheating he will get disqualified !Good luck !

There is also going to be an Agent meeting on 
Saturday,8th June at 15:30 pm Cho-time in the agent Hq !
And now its your choice who should be the next agent,you can vote fro the persone,who should get the badge.The recommendations ends tomorrow so hurry up vote for your agent.
The user who get the most voted,will be in the next agent poll!
Vote for your candidate by clicking here

Good luck to everyone and if you didn't got it this time its not bad,you can try it next time.You need to work hard for the badge!

Thanks for reading,see you on the Game Night !
Our Journalist Bebot!

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