Saturday, March 31, 2012

Triplet Style and Pet

Today Me ,Jammy and lakey70 Dressed Up The same and we had the same pet with same style look!
~Partyrock2(sorry for no siggy have to switch pets in my siggy)


Hey Followers,

We got a new Guets in Chobots :)

Its Cowboy/ Farmer MR.Alex

He is on every Cowmission there you can make the mission :)

Okay that was it for today thank you for reading this post 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Party Today !

Hey Friends :)

Don't forgot today at 9 PM Cho-Time  Party :)

It will be on a secret server you only can see that on friday ( Today)

Okay Thta was it Byee see you there !

-Deliiciouzz :)
its will be on the 3rd Cowmission okay :)

Feather! :D

Hello guys, program here! I emailed the chobots team about my efforts and guess what? I got a feather! :o Thanks so much :D I do have a goal of managing 100 blogs! I am currently at 69! Thanks and I hope to see you soon when chobots comes up!

Iepures Video

Look At Iepure's Newest Cho video its about the cho news

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Contest Winners!

Ok, I am still freaking out even with my fingers shaking and all but the chobots team has announced the winners! Lets take a look at what they said!

Hi Chobots! After spending nearly 2 hours going through all of the designs submitted for the Spring Design Contest we have come to our winners!

We had 4 users that won while drawing on their computer and 5 users who won while drawing in real life on paper!

Let's first take a look at the Chobots who drew on the computer! Just a note: All winners are displayed in a random order based on who posted first on the forum!

A great job to all of those users who decided to draw on the computer! Now, let's take a look at who won drawing in real life. There were a lot of entries and this category was a tricky one!

Program (Thats me! :D)
Just WOW, this is seriously the only word I can use to describe how spectacular these Chobots drew!

If your item appeared on this post you will receive the following prizes:

-1 week citizenship
-A paintbrush (If you have one already, a basia/le suit)
-5000 bugs
-Your item will be created on Chobots in the near future!

Aren't these some awesome prizes!! This is a job well done to all of our competitors and all of our winners!

A note: Even though you didn't win the contest, your item still might be made!
Some cool things will happen this week. Stay tuned!
Have fun,
Chobots Team

Ok, as soon as I went down and saw the winners, I noticed I was on there! :D I did enter in for the fun of it but never knew I would get to be a winner!

Here was what I got when I got on:

Wow! And my item will be made on! It looks like this if you skipped above:

My first entry

I am still shaking and I am getting many "congraulations" Thansk for everything and I look foward to drawing more for chobots! Congratulations to everyone that particatpated and the winners! Thats all for now!

Stay safe and have fun,

Remember me??

Heyy chobots!!!
Remember me, Gemsgirl??
Sorry I havent been on chobots for a while but I have been very busy!!!! I hope to post mor in the future :)
I am currently making a new blog for chobots' art.
~Gemm *-* xx

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello Chobots! The Chobot profiles have finally come to Chobots and we're thrilled to show you some information on them and how to sign up for an account!

Firstly, to access the profile page, you need to click on the Chobot Profile button which can be found on any user next to ignore, or on your own card by itself.
 Next it will prompt you to either sign in or create an account.
To start click on "Get a ChoProfile." and it will ask for some information.

Enter your Chobot information!

Once you complete this, and the information is valid and correct, we will send you an email. In your email it includes: a link for activation, your password, and how to ask for additional help.

Now that your account is activated, you can login to the page again by clicking on the button on a player card or going to and entering the email you've used and the password we gave you!

Enter login details!

 Now that this is complete, you can explore all of the neat features our profile system has to offer you and your friends!

Enjoy the profile system!

If you have any problems/questions/concerns/ideas for our profile system, you can email them to support and we will try to help!


New Button


A Awsome new updates is in cho!

A new button Look at the pic:


Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Room!

Hey Friends,

Do you see the new Room ?

The Room's name is : Color Zone

i'ts very cool to have an other room :)


Monday, March 19, 2012

Contest Winners


The Winners from the 3 Contest are out look:

1st: Icecream22 10 days citizen, 5000 bugs, Trophy
2nd: Privacyman 7 days citizenship, 4000 bugs, 2nd place medal
3rd: Jatindeep 5 days citizenship, 3000 bugs, 3rd place medal

1st: Zetsu 10 days citizen, 5000 bugs, Trophy
2nd: Icestormz 7 days citizenship, 4000 bugs, 2nd place medal
3rd: Plinfalie 5 days citizenship, 3000 bugs, 3rd place medal

1st: Chloe 10 days citizen, 5000 bugs, Trophy
2nd: Dary11 7 days citizenship, 4000 bugs, 2nd place medal
3rd: Reebook 5 days citizenship, 3000 bugs, 3rd place medal
                  This is The price for the first place look:


Dave is Back!!


Yesterday was a big surprise.

Dave is back look at the pic's:

Now he isn't a developer but a KING O.o



Friday, March 16, 2012

New Items!!!

Guys Check Out the new items:
Glasses for 4100 bugs
Some more glasses for 1350 bugs
Hair for 2190 bugs
and a nicho suit for 14000 bugs

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updates :)

Heey followers,

Today i come only and i saw all the new updates.

here are the pic's we got st.patricksday updates.

and now we can buy Items

Hope you enjoy the new updates :))


Monday, March 12, 2012

A Big Thank you !!

Thanks Doudou123

Today i help a little cho Doudou123

here the pic:

Thanks Doudou123


Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey Friends Sorry for long time not posting im sorry.

But now we got a good news :)

We have a Citizenship Sale look:

if you buy citizenship Have Fun !! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

my Drawings


Today i draw 2 pictures on the citizenwall.

here are they:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Agent meeting!

Hey Followers,

Tomorow it will be a agent meeting For all Agents.

The time you can see on main blog :)

pity that i should not be there :(

Hope you get Fun :)!


Thursday, March 1, 2012


hello :D

The new march citizenship items are here .

there are awsome i buy 6 month and the animal and the wings are awsome.

Enjoy it :)