Sunday, March 25, 2012

Contest Winners!

Ok, I am still freaking out even with my fingers shaking and all but the chobots team has announced the winners! Lets take a look at what they said!

Hi Chobots! After spending nearly 2 hours going through all of the designs submitted for the Spring Design Contest we have come to our winners!

We had 4 users that won while drawing on their computer and 5 users who won while drawing in real life on paper!

Let's first take a look at the Chobots who drew on the computer! Just a note: All winners are displayed in a random order based on who posted first on the forum!

A great job to all of those users who decided to draw on the computer! Now, let's take a look at who won drawing in real life. There were a lot of entries and this category was a tricky one!

Program (Thats me! :D)
Just WOW, this is seriously the only word I can use to describe how spectacular these Chobots drew!

If your item appeared on this post you will receive the following prizes:

-1 week citizenship
-A paintbrush (If you have one already, a basia/le suit)
-5000 bugs
-Your item will be created on Chobots in the near future!

Aren't these some awesome prizes!! This is a job well done to all of our competitors and all of our winners!

A note: Even though you didn't win the contest, your item still might be made!
Some cool things will happen this week. Stay tuned!
Have fun,
Chobots Team

Ok, as soon as I went down and saw the winners, I noticed I was on there! :D I did enter in for the fun of it but never knew I would get to be a winner!

Here was what I got when I got on:

Wow! And my item will be made on! It looks like this if you skipped above:

My first entry

I am still shaking and I am getting many "congraulations" Thansk for everything and I look foward to drawing more for chobots! Congratulations to everyone that particatpated and the winners! Thats all for now!

Stay safe and have fun,

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