Monday, May 30, 2016

Robots Upgrade + Nicho Contest !

Hey Guys

The Staff team just posted some great news on the main blog, which you should definitely know. When were you the last time in the robots arena and fighted against your friends ? Long time ago right, thats why the staff team decided to bring up a new upgrade for the robots. 

First of all they deleted all robots and teams, so everyone can start fairly and from the bottom. As a little promotion, they also donated us 10'000 bugs for buying a robot. 

As third update, shadow also created a hole new page where you can donate money for your robot team and you can see how's in your team and which position the user is. 

The leader can create his own rules and chose his teamplayers ! They also added new armors and new special items a long time ago, for those who havent know it.

You can also participate at the contest which is running right now until June 11th. Be under the top 5 Robots and you receive sweet prizes from 1 month citizenship to 14 days, from 20'000 to 10'000 Bugs and a special item !

The top 3 Robots Teams will receive Treasury funds for their team, bugs and citizenship. So hurry up and level up ;)

But the robot contest is not the only in-game contest, they've just opened the nicho contest. The Nicho contest also closes June 11th so grab your lamp, magic and friends to liberate chopix! I wish you good luck and if you need someone for the mission, you can ask me for sure;)

I wish you good luck and a lot of fun!
Your Bebot.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The News #5

Hey Guys

It's Saturday and as always its time for a flashback of the week. A lot of things turned in and also around chotopia. So let's start with the first topic.

As you may noticed, there are more and more users joining our community everyday. That means, that we also need more security for a funny and enjoyable game as we know it. So the staff team decided to have an Agent poll! They selected 4 active users, which are able to handle the role as an agent.

The 4 candidates are: Dawn, Emma2408, Novo and Sony. Now it's your turn to vote for one of these candidates and give them a chance as agent. Vote the future agent by clicking here. The poll will end in 2 days. If you haven't made it into the poll, don't be sad there's always a next time. 

Let's move to the second topic. As always there's an in-game contest. The Checkers contest is open for this week. Take your friend and move over to the academystreet and play checkers, to have a chance to get under the top 3. 

The prizes for the winners are sweet as always. If you see someone cheating, please inform the staff team with proof under the email Don't forget have fun and never give up! You have time until the 4th of June.

As last but not least, theres an interesting information for all bloggers under you. The staff team decided to choose new Journalists for June. If you are an ambitious blogger and your blog is chotopia related, so you really should participate. Your Blog has to be chotopia related, nice designs and updated every week. If your blog bring up all these requirements you have a good 
chance to win. 

You can submit your blog by leaving a comment under the official blog post with your chobots username and link. For more informations, please read the offical blog post by clicking here. I wish you good luck and can't wait to read all blogs!

I really have to thank you once again for your interest of this post. I really get motivated feedback from you readers and that shows m, that you really love this posts. Thanks you are all amazing :)

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.