Thursday, May 1, 2014

Interview with Kevin !

Heey Guys,
As already announced i had a chance to interview our owner of the game Chobots Universe.We had a short interview because he want to take the game expectant as possible.Here's the interview:

Me:Why do yu decided to create a new Chobots?

Kevin: Kai and i wanted to bring back the good old days of chobots feeling back,but certainly not without some new things coming soon.We wanted to change your experience of Chobots and give you a new way to look at it.Hints the name Chobots Universe.We aren't just studying the Earth anymore,we are studying the Universe.

Me:Why do you choosed to create chobots universe with kai and why not with another user?

Kevin: Well,Kai and I have been partners since well 2013,and we think alot a like i couldnt do it without him.We have the same idea of the game and we want it to be great !

Me: had you these plans about chobots universe after shut down or before?

Kevin: Well,we've had these ideas for awhile now.But,it was finally time to put them into action and give the players what they wanted all this time.

Me: Can you tell us one new feature or is it secret?

Kevin: Well,we want to keep you guys suprised with alot of them.So you guys will learn more about those features later on.

So that was the short interview,i hope you enjoyed it and learnt a little bit more about the game and Kevin.I will keep you up to date!

Thanks for reading,see you
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