Friday, August 12, 2016

The News #11

Hey Guys

A lot of things happened since now so i decided to let you know immediately. Its time for another episode of "The News". I have many interested news for you so dont loose any time and move over to the first topic.

Some of you may know, that there was an agent poll which you could vote for your favourite candidate. The nominees where: Blaine, Confirm/British, Harvey, Julian, Knighty and Shannon18. the poll was very close and many users voted, which made the poll very interesting. But as always there is only one winner, who can win and join the agent team. Please congratulate:

Great Job Blaine, you really deserve this badge and im sure you will do a great job. He already was a part of the staff team as a moderator before and im glad to see him back! Don't forget to congratulate him, when you see him around chotopia. If you haven't win this time, dont be sad its a huge recognition to be a part of the agent poll! Never give up and stay the same.

As second topic we have the results of the cow mission contest. After a very close and interesting game, the winners are announced. Every participant did an amazing job and feeded Daisy well! This contest showed, that we have hardcore farmers in our town. The staff team had to close the contest few days earlier because they need the scoreboard for the cholympics tonight! So please have a look at the winners:

Congratulation to: Jesse, Tina4321 and Sony, you all did a great job, keep up the good work! You all get Citizenship, Bugs and medals, enjoy your prizes. For all those who didn't win this time, you can still enter at the cholympics which starts in less then 30 minutes, so hurry up! I wish you guys all the best at the cholympics and do your best.

At the end i always show a nice underground walldrawing but this time i thought about a new thing. This time i want to show you the best outfit of the week, which i saw in-game. Have a look at this stylish user:

Wow i really love the outfit which matchs perfectly with the black/red wings and the flag. In the next episode i try to show you an amazing walldrawing again. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game.
Your Bebot.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A New Chapter!

Hey Guys

Yes your right, im back on chotopia. I had some troubles with my internet for a couple of weeks now. But its all working again and that means its time to rejoin chotopia aswell. This little break allowed me, to rethink about some stuff and also for my personal life. I really enjoyed my vacation with my friends and family. But i also have to say, that i missed chotopia a few days ago so im really happy, that everything runs clearly again. 

Some of you may know, that i've got de-agent. It hurts of course but i understand the decision of the staff team. They want an active and motivated community and for that it needs active and helpful agents. Many of you may know, that i really took my job as an agent serious and i was proud to have the badge. The Agent badge doesn't give you hapiness but it gives you a reward for the hard work. I don't want to say, that i was a better guy with the badge, i always stayed the same as i was before and now. 

I noticed, that at the end i haven't done a great job. I've always promissed to myself, that i stay active all the time and only do the best for the game and the community. It's really my fault, why i got de-agent and also lost some important contacts in-game. But there's always a glimmer of hope  outside, which waits of you. With that i want to say never give up and do the things which you like to do. I see this as a second chance for me to come back into the game and do some things better as i did before.

I dont need pity, i just want to give you something on your personal life. I know it hasn't to do with any news around chotopia but i really wanted to post that on my blog and perhaps i can  bring some users a smile in their face.

Thanks for those who red it until the end! I will be online everyday now, like i was before and more posts are also coming on this blog. 

Hope to see you in-game.
Your Bebot.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The News #10

Hey Guys

Im back from holidays and i have many things to tell you about chotopia. As always i give you a recap of this week. So don't loose any time and move over to the first topic.

Summer is here to have fun and meet friends, but we werent able to do that because of the bad Nichos! Thats why the staff team decided to host a Nichos Party at the Nichos Kingdom to rescue Gune from the bad Nichos. You had to bring a lightbulb hat, speed magig and invisibility magic with you, to do the mission. There was also some rain, magic, music and lots of fun! Many users attended the party and thats why it was a blast! Here are some party pictures:

Wow a big thanks to the staff team for this amazing party. For those who missed it this time, don't be sad, there are going to be more parties in the future!

To bring us in vacation mood, the staff team decided to held a Postcard Contest. Im sure everyone likes writting postcards and is happy when you receive one from your friends. Now it's your turn, to write a Summer Vacation Postcard at least one of the staff team. Bring all your creativity and skills into this template:

Write about, hwere you went, what you did, who you went with, what did you like, fact you learned etc. You can really create your own postcard with pictures, designs, words etc. But please remember to use the template and that your content is appropriate. Your allowed to submit up to two entries. Don't steal other's ideas and act fairly. You have time until July 24th to submit your entry as a comment with an imgur link under the official blog post by clicking here . I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all your amazing postcards!

As always i have a little bonus for you. As you may know im searching walldrawings which you design at the Citizen-,Agent- or Artistwall and i post them on my blog. I've found an amazing walldrawing this week which i have to show you. Have a look at it:

Isn't it just wonderful? I really love it, keep up the great work. So if you want to be featured on my posts, so move over to a wall and let your creativity out!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Friday, July 1, 2016

The News #9

Hey Guys

Your all like huh its not sunday yet. That's right, but i decided to post now because i have lots of things to tell you abotu and it can't wait until sunday. So as always, dont loose any time and lets quickly move to the first topic.

All of you noticed, that summer has finally arrived. July started today and this means, the staff search new Journalists. So if you have a blog which is chotopia related, why don't you submit ? You will be awarded with sweet prizes like: Citizenship, a feather hand item, Journalist badge, a purple nametag, your blog on the official blogroll and a chance to write a post on the official main blog. Isn't this great? 

As always, the staff team chose only the best blogs. So if you publish your own content, your active in the community and other social medias like the forum, twitter or facebook then you have a big chance to be next jounralist of the month! If you want to participate, you just have to put your blog link in a comment under the official blog post by clicking here .
I wish you good luck and can't wait to see all your interesting blogs!!

July is a very important month for the USA and Canada. They all celebrate the independence for their country. To get in this mood, the staff team decided to held a research contest! All you have to do is, put all informations you can find about this day in this template, add fun facts, eye-catching
 pictures, detailed notes and all your creativity you have. 

It's allowed to take informations from the internet, aslong as it is factual content from liable websites. Please upload your entry on imgur and post your imgur link under the official blog post by clicking here. Please dont copy things from other participants because you can get disqualified. You have until July 7th to submit your entry and win amazing prizes! I wish you good luck and cant wait to see those informative entries.

But whats better then celebrating independence day with your chotopia friends? We also have a big party at the Park tomorrow at 10 pm Cho-Time. There is going to be music, magic and rain. There will also be a a fashion contest between who wore the most patriotic colors of America or Canada. So you you should dress in red and white or red and blue ! Can't wait for it and hope to see you there!

As last but not least i have a little hint for you. The staff team updated all catalogs in chotopia for a limited time, so hurry up and buy some of them, before they are gone! 

There are some sweet clothes in there, so you should check them out!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The News #8

Hey Guys

Wow this week has past fast right? Its already sunday and time for the 8th episode of "The News". I have some great an interesting news for you so we shouldn't lose any time.

First of all we had an amazing party at the beach this weekend. The staff team decided to held a party at the beach for the begining of the summer vacation. It's sad that no one hangs out at a wonderful location like the beach. Thats also another aspect, why they decided to held it over there. So we had lots of music, rain, magic and of course fun. For those who couldn't attend this time, dont be sad, there are going to be more parties in the future. I Hope those pictures shows you, how beautiful the party was:

A big thanks to the staff team for this Party! Can't wait for another one like this.

Let's move over to the second topic. To get really in the mood of summer, the staff team decided to held a design contest. Many users participated and all the designs were amazing! I really have to congratulate every single participant because i really loved all of them. But as always, there can be only a few winners, so congratulations to:



Wow congratulations, you have done an extraordinary great job! You two won 12 days of citizenship, 10'000 Bugs, paintbrush or Basia suit and your designed items. The staff team decided to bring them up in the in-game catalogs so keep an eye open for them ;)

As last but not least, we have another in-game contest which is already open until July 2nd. This time the Garbage collector contest is open, where you can keep chotopia clean from garbage. Grab your friends and help for a better environment. I wish you good luck and don't forget to have fun aswell ;)
As a little bonus i have a great walldrawing from this week, which i found in the citzizen's underground. Enjoy it:

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The News #7 XXL

Hey Guys

Wow this week passed fast right? Its Sunday again and time for a recap of the week. I have a lot to talk about so dont waste any time lets move over to the first topic.

As you may noticed, there are more and more inactive users in chotopia and the streets are empty. Its really sad because the staff team try to put new things in-game and are really active. Thats why they thought about mini events once or twice in the week which happens random and you can win sweet prizes. This should encourage users to be more active and join those mini parties. There were two mini events before which i participated at. For those who missed them i took some pictures for you:

We really had much fun and won some sweet prizes! So if you want to participate at those mini events you just have to be active because it can happen at everytime.

Let's move to the second topic. This week was full of contests which you had the chance to win citizenship, bugs or other prizes. A week ago the chobots team decided to bring up Robots back with an interesting contest. After a week of hard playing, the scoreboard was full of players. Im happy to announce the best robot players:

Congratulations to Oldryan6872, Dawn, Beecokie, Heath and Jesse. You all won citizenship and Bugs. All of you who participated worked very well but there can only be a few winners. But not only the single players were rewarded with sweet prizes, no they also gave some bugs into the team treasury for the best 3 robots teams. Congratualtions to: Shadow's Team, Becookie's Team and Burgerox's Team.

For those who didn't played robots had a chance to get under the top 3 in the Nichos contest and win some sweet prizes. They also worked really hard and earned a lot of points. Congratulations to: Chloe1206, Becookie and Sony. 

You've been awarded with citizenship and bugs! All of the participants did a great job. Don't be sad if you haven't won this time, there are more contests in the future!

You know when one contest close, there is a new one which open. This time you have to move over to the gamezone to participate at the Pinball contest, if you want to win some sweet prizes. Get as many points as possible and get under the top 3! 
If you see someone cheting, please inform the staff team by with proof! I wish you good luck and don't forget to have fun aswell.

The summer is is already here but you still have spring or winter clothes on ? Then you should definitely change your style and check the new items in the shop ! The staff team renew all catalogs in chotpia. So why dont you go shopping and try out the new clothes? 

Hurry up because some of the items will disappear in some days because they are only for a limited time there. I can't wait to see all the new styles you've got.

As a little bonus i have some wonderful walldrawings i have seen this week for you. There are more and more artists which decided to paint on the grey walls of chotopia to bring some good mood into the game. I really love to see drawings in the underground, so if you like drawing, why dont you go painting there? So look at those wonderful walldrawings:

Keep up the good work pineapple and i hope to see more of those wonderful drawings from you:)!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The News #6

Hey guys

Its Sunday and you all know what it means. Its time for the next "The News". THis week was an intensive week with lots of interesting things. I dont want to let you wait any longer and lets start with the first topic.

As you may know, the staff team held a Game Night and a Party in the gamezone. The contests were open for an hour and the users could mess each other in the 5 open contests. For those who didnt want to participate could enjoy an amazing party with lots of rain,magic and music. Sylva also held a Quiz with over 10 questions which was very interesting. I decided to enjoy the party and as always i took some party pictures for those, who couldnt attend. 

I hope this pictures shows you, how great the party was. For those who couldnt attend this time, dont be sad there are going to be more Game nights in the future! Also a big congratulation to the winners of the Game Night: Dawn, Katara, Pineapple, Oreo and Chloe1206, you have won 5 days of Citizenship, 5000 Bugs and a black game controller! A big thanks to the Staff team for this amazing evening.

Lets move to the second topic. As every week there was an in-game contest. This week it was the checkers contest. Many users participated and had lots of fun. But as always there can only be a few winners. A big congratulation to: Sony, Dawn and Becookie. You have all won Citizenship and Bugs.All who participated have done a great job! If you haven't won this time, dont be sad the Nicho, Robots and the Forum Video Contest is still open until June 11th, so hurry up and get under the top 3. I wish you all good luck and fun.

As a little bonus  i want to show you an amazing walldrawing i've seen this week on the citizenwall. Look at this masterpiece:

Can you guess from who it is? Yes its from Natsu, she is really talented in drawing and i absolutely love it! Keep up the wonderful work Natsu!

Thanks for reading, see you ingame
Your Bebot.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Robots Upgrade + Nicho Contest !

Hey Guys

The Staff team just posted some great news on the main blog, which you should definitely know. When were you the last time in the robots arena and fighted against your friends ? Long time ago right, thats why the staff team decided to bring up a new upgrade for the robots. 

First of all they deleted all robots and teams, so everyone can start fairly and from the bottom. As a little promotion, they also donated us 10'000 bugs for buying a robot. 

As third update, shadow also created a hole new page where you can donate money for your robot team and you can see how's in your team and which position the user is. 

The leader can create his own rules and chose his teamplayers ! They also added new armors and new special items a long time ago, for those who havent know it.

You can also participate at the contest which is running right now until June 11th. Be under the top 5 Robots and you receive sweet prizes from 1 month citizenship to 14 days, from 20'000 to 10'000 Bugs and a special item !

The top 3 Robots Teams will receive Treasury funds for their team, bugs and citizenship. So hurry up and level up ;)

But the robot contest is not the only in-game contest, they've just opened the nicho contest. The Nicho contest also closes June 11th so grab your lamp, magic and friends to liberate chopix! I wish you good luck and if you need someone for the mission, you can ask me for sure;)

I wish you good luck and a lot of fun!
Your Bebot.