Sunday, June 5, 2016

The News #6

Hey guys

Its Sunday and you all know what it means. Its time for the next "The News". THis week was an intensive week with lots of interesting things. I dont want to let you wait any longer and lets start with the first topic.

As you may know, the staff team held a Game Night and a Party in the gamezone. The contests were open for an hour and the users could mess each other in the 5 open contests. For those who didnt want to participate could enjoy an amazing party with lots of rain,magic and music. Sylva also held a Quiz with over 10 questions which was very interesting. I decided to enjoy the party and as always i took some party pictures for those, who couldnt attend. 

I hope this pictures shows you, how great the party was. For those who couldnt attend this time, dont be sad there are going to be more Game nights in the future! Also a big congratulation to the winners of the Game Night: Dawn, Katara, Pineapple, Oreo and Chloe1206, you have won 5 days of Citizenship, 5000 Bugs and a black game controller! A big thanks to the Staff team for this amazing evening.

Lets move to the second topic. As every week there was an in-game contest. This week it was the checkers contest. Many users participated and had lots of fun. But as always there can only be a few winners. A big congratulation to: Sony, Dawn and Becookie. You have all won Citizenship and Bugs.All who participated have done a great job! If you haven't won this time, dont be sad the Nicho, Robots and the Forum Video Contest is still open until June 11th, so hurry up and get under the top 3. I wish you all good luck and fun.

As a little bonus  i want to show you an amazing walldrawing i've seen this week on the citizenwall. Look at this masterpiece:

Can you guess from who it is? Yes its from Natsu, she is really talented in drawing and i absolutely love it! Keep up the wonderful work Natsu!

Thanks for reading, see you ingame
Your Bebot.

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