Monday, December 28, 2015

Website Update !

Hey Guys

Im back with some great news, the Staff team has been woriking on a brand new website. When you loged on today you might have seen the website update. I really like it, you have a better overview and it looks really modern. So let's look at it:

I really love it and it match perfect with the background. There's also a new feature called "My Account", where you have a overview of you Account and where you also can change your password if you want to. So have a look at it:

Now the Staff team want to know if you like or if you have some better ideas. They also have to know if its working well for everyone so you can see this update as a first beta, they will for sure change some things. So let them know what you think about the new Update and you get awarded with 5000 Bugs. Just write an E-Mail to, they really need your feedback !

Thanks for reading, see you in game
Your Bebot.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Party Recap !

Hey Guys

The Holiday Party just ended right now and as promissed i publish the party pictures, which i took for you. The Party was a blast, we had a lot of rain, magic, fun and some cool music aswell. We all enjoyed our christmas holidays on chotopia together. For those who missed the party, don't be sad there will be more partys in the future. But let's move to the party pictures, to get an insight of the amazing party:

I hope those pictures show, how great the party was. We were over 30 people who joined the party at the winter park. A big thanks to the staff team.

Thanks for reading, see you in game
Your Bebot.

Scrapbook Contest + Party

Hey Guys

I hope you had a wonderful christmas eve and enjoy your holiday. As you may know the year 2015 is going to end in few days and its time to look back to the great year we had on Chotopia. To make this a little bit creative, the Chobots team decided to host a Scrapbook contest, which you can put all your best memories of the year 2015 in one template. I'm sure all of you passed an amazing time on this great game and want to share the memories with us. So let's go you have time until the 2nd of January, 2016 to submit your entry in a comment under the post of the main blog. You have to use this template to enter:

Don't forget to upload your artwork on imgur or other websites and post your link under the official blog post by clicking here . I wish you all good luck and can't wait to see all those amazing entries.

The chobots team is also holding a Holiday Party today the 26th December at 8 Pm at the winter park. You will for sure get an invitation from shadow or other users. We will for sure have magic, music, a lot of fun and of course rain! I will attend and take some pics for those, who arent able to join, so stay tuned !

Hope to see you all there, to have some fun
Your Bebot.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Drawing Contest Results !

Hey Guys

Its been a while since the Chobots Team opened a winter drawing contest. There were a lot of entries but as always there can only be three winners. It was really hard for the Staff Team to pick three winners but they finally found them. Big congratulations to: 

Third Place Hicup: You win 7 days of Citizenship, 5000 Bugs and 5 Candies

tree drawing

Second Place Clayton: You win 10 Days of Citizenship, 7500 Bugs and 10 Candies

First Place Natsu: You win 15 Days of Citizenship, 10000 Bugs and 15 Candies

Wow I really love the entries, they just look wonderful ! Enjoy your sweet prizes. FOr those who didn't win this time, dont be sad there will be tons of other drawing contests in the future.

There will be a special post for Christmas, so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading, Your Bebot.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Santa Claus is in the town !

Hey Guys

I'm here with great news, santa claus finally found the way trough the snow into our little town called chotopia. He came with his reindeers and loats of presents. But by arriving in our town, he noticed that he lost his 3 bells. Go to the garbage collector and help santa find his 3 bells to get a sweet winter scarf. 
Isn't it great that Santa visit us and bring presents with him? I'm sure there will be more guests and suprises coming soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, see you in game
Your Bebot.