Monday, December 28, 2015

Website Update !

Hey Guys

Im back with some great news, the Staff team has been woriking on a brand new website. When you loged on today you might have seen the website update. I really like it, you have a better overview and it looks really modern. So let's look at it:

I really love it and it match perfect with the background. There's also a new feature called "My Account", where you have a overview of you Account and where you also can change your password if you want to. So have a look at it:

Now the Staff team want to know if you like or if you have some better ideas. They also have to know if its working well for everyone so you can see this update as a first beta, they will for sure change some things. So let them know what you think about the new Update and you get awarded with 5000 Bugs. Just write an E-Mail to, they really need your feedback !

Thanks for reading, see you in game
Your Bebot.

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