Monday, December 21, 2015

Drawing Contest Results !

Hey Guys

Its been a while since the Chobots Team opened a winter drawing contest. There were a lot of entries but as always there can only be three winners. It was really hard for the Staff Team to pick three winners but they finally found them. Big congratulations to: 

Third Place Hicup: You win 7 days of Citizenship, 5000 Bugs and 5 Candies

tree drawing

Second Place Clayton: You win 10 Days of Citizenship, 7500 Bugs and 10 Candies

First Place Natsu: You win 15 Days of Citizenship, 10000 Bugs and 15 Candies

Wow I really love the entries, they just look wonderful ! Enjoy your sweet prizes. FOr those who didn't win this time, dont be sad there will be tons of other drawing contests in the future.

There will be a special post for Christmas, so stay tuned.
Thanks for reading, Your Bebot.

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