Saturday, March 30, 2013

April Fool's Party !

Heey Chobots,
After a month of cool events and St.Patricks Day topic,the month march is coming to an end !
We had great parties and had much fun.We celebrate the new Month April with a clown Party.
When: 1st April
Time: 19.30 (7.30 Pm )
Where: Server Chocolate at the Park

we will have cool music,fun,happy colors,animation and rain
i will be there and taking pictures for the blog ;)
there is also a clock on the main blog if you don't know when does the Party starts!

The art + craft contest will comes to an end if you didn't enter it,you have until today !
Hurry up.
See you at the Party ;)

Our Journalist Bebot

Friday, March 29, 2013

Board Games winners !

Heey Chobots,

After a week of hard work,i can announce the winners of each game.
All of you did a great job,if you didn't won this time we will having more contest like this !
Okay here are the best players:

First Place: Ferose19
Second Place: Furry
Third Place: Abdul999

First Place: Pain
Second Place: Zchad
Third Place: Emperor

First Place: Theufo
Second Place: Master720
Third Place: Ryan6872back

Congratulation,here what you got:
1st Place: 1st place Medal 5 Days of Citizenshi
p and 5000 Bugs
2nd Place: 2nd place Medal 4 Days of Citizenship and 4000 Bugs
3rd Place: 3rd place Medal 3 Days of Citizenship and 3000 Bugs

Thanks for reading see you around Chobots !

Our Journalist Bebot

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The News Day 32 !

Heey Chobots,
Long time ago i didn't post a The News post.So i decided to host one today!
i didn't have so much topic's but never mind here are they:
-Art/Baking contest
-Chobots Blog updates
-Posting on the main blog
-Game Night winners

Okay,Coby hosted a new Contest for easter.This time you can choose what you wanna do.
You can: Draw,tinker or backing.I think this is a good idea for easter.You have until Saturday 30,March ! Don't forget to be creative :)!

Can you remember the logo on the Main blog between the buttons and the post ?
it was decorated with nichos and staff members.This time the nichos are gone and only staff members are on there:

Jake put a clown suit on for the April fool's Day !

Tomorrow i gonna post on the main blog,Im so glad to show all my skills.
I gonna post about Cool walldrawings.I worked hard to find cool drawings.
You can read my post tomorrow on the main blog!
Don't forget to comment ;P

Okay let's come to the last topic.
This weekend we had a great Game Night,there was a little party too with some cool magic's and music.I didn't had time to take some photos because i participated.The Winners of each games are:

Congratulation you did a great job.
Everyone of you got.

-7000 Bugs
-A Game controller
-7 Days of Citizenship

Everything comes to an end like this post now.I hope you had fund to read the post and know the latest news round about chobots :)!i Know it was a short post but i promise the next will be longer.
See ya,Have a nice Day !
Our Journalist Bebot.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New clothes !

Heey Chobots,
The shop goes into spring and that means we have new clothes !
We have 3 new items.They are really cool and not to expensive.
Okay check yourself:
Dark robo Suit: 9500 Bugs and for citizens
Hair for Girls: 3500 Bugs non Citizen (every color )
Pants: 1400 Bugs non citizen ( every color )



Don't be scared if you have crown on your hat,the moderators hosted a party :D and if you go into the cafestreet you have a crown on.

Thanks for reading,see ya around chobots
Our Journalist Bebot

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Game Night +Sweet Battle winners !

Hello Guys,
we had the last Game night 2 weeks ago,its time for another one!
It will be the last in this month.
When: Today at 9.15 Pm Cho-Time
This time you cannot play the board games (Chess,Checkers and Slider),but all others you can participate.
Our agents and staff members will looking for cheaters,so if you see a cheater contact Support on this email with Proof! Cheating is not the right way to win :)!
i wish you good luck and never give up.

A new contest joined us and one must leave us.This time the Sweet Battle contest came to an end !
The best players was:
Pain: 1st Medal,7000 Bugs and 7 days of Citizenship
Twinklefairyx: 2nd Medal,5000 Bugs and 5 Days of Citizenship
Ground: 3rd Medal,3000 Bugs and 3 Days of Citizenship

Great job,Don't be sad if you didn't won this time.There will be more Sweet battle contest :)!

Thanks for reading,see you on the Game Night !
Our Journalist Bebot

Friday, March 22, 2013

Academy Games !

Heey Chobots,
A new contest arrived into Chobots.This time you can play every game in the academy and academy street (Chess,Checkers,Sliders).You have until 26th of March ! Don't forget,cheating is not the right way to win if you see someone cheating send it to support with a proof the cheater will get disqualified  !

Good Luck Guys !

Ps:if you don't know who you can dress your chobot,twinkle posted some cool style tips on the main Blog Click Here :)!
Thanks for reading
Our Journalist Bebot

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Party Review + New Agents !

Heey Chobots,
I have promised you that i will post some Party pictures from the spring Party yesterday.
We had many fun,cool magic and awesome music !A new Moderator joined the Party to.
I'm sure you saw him around chobots.He's name is James .Congratulation he is friendly
and if you have a question go to him,im sure he can help you :)!James and Curiosity joined the Party too.
I think those pictures show that the Party was amazing !
Thanks Chobots Team !

Last Sunday the Agent poll started and Today the votes are counted !
The poll was very close.Theufo was with 1 point under the 3rd place !
The New Agents are:

Congratulation guys and welcome to the team :)!
Spencer really deserves it he was 4 times in the poll and this time he got it :)!
If you didn't won this time,don't be sad you have time to prepare you for the new poll.
To be an agent is a hard work so never give up your time will come :)!
Thanks for reading see ya.
Our Journalist 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Party !

Heey Chobots,
Yaniv decided to celebrate the starting of the spring time.We will have a cool Party later today,
here are the informations:

So come and join us there,i'm sure we will have a lot of fun :)!
I will be there and taking photos for you and post it later here on the Blog so stay tuned 
Thanks for reading
Our Journalist Bebot !

St.Patricks Day Party + Tv Contest results !

Heey Guys,
Last Sunday we had a great St.Patricks Day Party.Did you missed the party ?
Never mind Blik posted some cool Party pictures on the blog.I would post my pictures but i wasn't online because i had many homework i'm sorry! Okay here are the Party pictures :
Yaniv,Koiz and Blik :)!
Rainbow over the Cafestreet 
Flying smileys 
Happy St.Patricks Day 

Thanks Blik for those awesome Pictures,they are pretty cool.
Last saturday the St.Patricks Day came to an end,the Tv contest too.
Yaniv took 3 winners.The winners did all a great job,its very creative as well.
The winners are:


Congrats guys, everyone of you got a Tv remote controller,7000 Bugs and Citizenship.
Everyone of you did a great job.for those who didn't made it this time never give up we will have more contest like this :)!
We also have a new Moderator her name is:

Congratulation,she said:Im not new guys i know chobots really good,i played on a other account.But i don't know who she is....
Never mind Congratulation and im sure she deserves it because she is helpful and friendly.

Thanks for reading,Our Journalist !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New artwork email !

Heey chobots,
Today bit posted his first post on the main Blog.
The Chobots staff know who much you like to show our designs,Videos,music,Art work or other
unique creations !
So he decided to create a new email that you can use for sending your creations.
You can email  you can send our creations anytime when you think you have a good piece of work to show them it.
You can submit any of the following to
-Cool designs that could be created and put into the game.
-Awesome Graffiti that could inspire us to make art for our blog posts
- Your original Chobots videos that could be posted on the main blog ,foum etc.
-Create your very own music that could be remixed for the game,Like new Party music.
-Other creations or unique ideas that could be made
Can't wait to see all your amazing drawings on the main blog:)!
I think bit had an awesome idea.i think more players are starting to draw now.Good Luck !

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The News Day 31!

Heey Chobots,
I have a lot to report so its a good time to make a The News post :)!
The topics are:
March Journalist's
Agent Poll
St.Patricks Day Update
New Guide

We start with the topic March Journalist.
Yes after the chobots team looking through all your amzing blogs.They saw many cool blogs but only few can wins,here are the new Journalist's:

Congrats to all new Journalist.Yes you see right there is written BEBOT!!
Finally i got the journalist badge after many hard work i got it.I knew one
time i will get it,i never gave up and here you see i'm a journalist.I will working like before
and hope that i can earn the badge next time again! If you didn't won this time don't give up ;)!
I have a purple name tag and a J Badge on the right site of my Playercard.

Next topic is the Agent Poll!
More then 130 users voted 2 candidates to be an agent.But not all can wins,the runners up was:

  •    Bluezorogirl13
  •    Theufo
  •    Spencer
  •    Adster015
  •    Woolyfleece
  •    Bacon
  •    Furry
Congratulation,You can vote for our agent,who should be the next Agent.
Click Here if you aren't on the poll this time try it next time,you should know to be
an agent is not easy.Its a hard work but never give up :)
Good Luck :)!

Okay not only the community had some updates no,The cafestreet changed to a St.Patricks paradise :DEverything is looking green,check yourself :
The Chobots Team did a great job,what do you think ?

Okay come to the last topic New Guide.
The Cho staff invent a new helping guide called ''Clear your cache ''
There is a new Banner on the right site of the blog page:

Here to read the helping guide.

So i hope you had fun to read the post and know the latest news round about Chobots.See you in Chobots ;)!
Happy St.Patricks Day

Saturday, March 16, 2013

St.Patricks Day Contest!

Heey Guys,
I think all of you noticed that the St.Patricks Day started yesterday :)!
Yaniv had an awesome idea for a new Contest.This time you need to use a template.
Its a simple contest,but you need to be creative like many contests.You have until March 19th ! Go Go Go
This time you use a new kind of template.Not like the old 2D template no this time its a 3D!
Don't forgot it topic of this contest is St.Patricks day ! If you have done this then comment your
entry on the official chobots blog post with a tinypic link or so.
Use this template:

Good luck,can't wait to see your creativity :)
Happy St.Patricks Day :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Agent Wanted !

Heey Chobots,
Once again the Chobots team is searching new Agents.
Its your time to help them,vote for our 2 favorite chobots users that really deserves it.
Don't vote them because they are your best friends or so.
The top 2 will be in on the next Agent poll. You have until march 18th !!
You need to click here and comment your agent on the post.Cheaters will be disqualified and will never be able to earn agency and don't use more then 1 account to recommend yourself.
So i wish you good luck and you know cheating is not the right way to win !;)
Cant wait to see the new agents
Thanks for reading and see you in Chobots :)!