Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Party Review + New Agents !

Heey Chobots,
I have promised you that i will post some Party pictures from the spring Party yesterday.
We had many fun,cool magic and awesome music !A new Moderator joined the Party to.
I'm sure you saw him around chobots.He's name is James .Congratulation he is friendly
and if you have a question go to him,im sure he can help you :)!James and Curiosity joined the Party too.
I think those pictures show that the Party was amazing !
Thanks Chobots Team !

Last Sunday the Agent poll started and Today the votes are counted !
The poll was very close.Theufo was with 1 point under the 3rd place !
The New Agents are:

Congratulation guys and welcome to the team :)!
Spencer really deserves it he was 4 times in the poll and this time he got it :)!
If you didn't won this time,don't be sad you have time to prepare you for the new poll.
To be an agent is a hard work so never give up your time will come :)!
Thanks for reading see ya.
Our Journalist 

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