Sunday, March 17, 2013

The News Day 31!

Heey Chobots,
I have a lot to report so its a good time to make a The News post :)!
The topics are:
March Journalist's
Agent Poll
St.Patricks Day Update
New Guide

We start with the topic March Journalist.
Yes after the chobots team looking through all your amzing blogs.They saw many cool blogs but only few can wins,here are the new Journalist's:

Congrats to all new Journalist.Yes you see right there is written BEBOT!!
Finally i got the journalist badge after many hard work i got it.I knew one
time i will get it,i never gave up and here you see i'm a journalist.I will working like before
and hope that i can earn the badge next time again! If you didn't won this time don't give up ;)!
I have a purple name tag and a J Badge on the right site of my Playercard.

Next topic is the Agent Poll!
More then 130 users voted 2 candidates to be an agent.But not all can wins,the runners up was:

  •    Bluezorogirl13
  •    Theufo
  •    Spencer
  •    Adster015
  •    Woolyfleece
  •    Bacon
  •    Furry
Congratulation,You can vote for our agent,who should be the next Agent.
Click Here if you aren't on the poll this time try it next time,you should know to be
an agent is not easy.Its a hard work but never give up :)
Good Luck :)!

Okay not only the community had some updates no,The cafestreet changed to a St.Patricks paradise :DEverything is looking green,check yourself :
The Chobots Team did a great job,what do you think ?

Okay come to the last topic New Guide.
The Cho staff invent a new helping guide called ''Clear your cache ''
There is a new Banner on the right site of the blog page:

Here to read the helping guide.

So i hope you had fun to read the post and know the latest news round about Chobots.See you in Chobots ;)!
Happy St.Patricks Day


  1. Hi Bebot, I like how you have decorated your blog for St. Patrick's day, that just shows how much effort you put into your blog. Keep it up :)