Friday, March 29, 2013

Board Games winners !

Heey Chobots,

After a week of hard work,i can announce the winners of each game.
All of you did a great job,if you didn't won this time we will having more contest like this !
Okay here are the best players:

First Place: Ferose19
Second Place: Furry
Third Place: Abdul999

First Place: Pain
Second Place: Zchad
Third Place: Emperor

First Place: Theufo
Second Place: Master720
Third Place: Ryan6872back

Congratulation,here what you got:
1st Place: 1st place Medal 5 Days of Citizenshi
p and 5000 Bugs
2nd Place: 2nd place Medal 4 Days of Citizenship and 4000 Bugs
3rd Place: 3rd place Medal 3 Days of Citizenship and 3000 Bugs

Thanks for reading see you around Chobots !

Our Journalist Bebot

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