Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The News Day 32 !

Heey Chobots,
Long time ago i didn't post a The News post.So i decided to host one today!
i didn't have so much topic's but never mind here are they:
-Art/Baking contest
-Chobots Blog updates
-Posting on the main blog
-Game Night winners

Okay,Coby hosted a new Contest for easter.This time you can choose what you wanna do.
You can: Draw,tinker or backing.I think this is a good idea for easter.You have until Saturday 30,March ! Don't forget to be creative :)!

Can you remember the logo on the Main blog between the buttons and the post ?
it was decorated with nichos and staff members.This time the nichos are gone and only staff members are on there:

Jake put a clown suit on for the April fool's Day !

Tomorrow i gonna post on the main blog,Im so glad to show all my skills.
I gonna post about Cool walldrawings.I worked hard to find cool drawings.
You can read my post tomorrow on the main blog!
Don't forget to comment ;P

Okay let's come to the last topic.
This weekend we had a great Game Night,there was a little party too with some cool magic's and music.I didn't had time to take some photos because i participated.The Winners of each games are:

Congratulation you did a great job.
Everyone of you got.

-7000 Bugs
-A Game controller
-7 Days of Citizenship

Everything comes to an end like this post now.I hope you had fund to read the post and know the latest news round about chobots :)!i Know it was a short post but i promise the next will be longer.
See ya,Have a nice Day !
Our Journalist Bebot.

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