Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New artwork email !

Heey chobots,
Today bit posted his first post on the main Blog.
The Chobots staff know who much you like to show our designs,Videos,music,Art work or other
unique creations !
So he decided to create a new email that you can use for sending your creations.
You can email Artwork@chobots.net  you can send our creations anytime when you think you have a good piece of work to show them it.
You can submit any of the following to Artwork@chobots.net:
-Cool designs that could be created and put into the game.
-Awesome Graffiti that could inspire us to make art for our blog posts
- Your original Chobots videos that could be posted on the main blog ,foum etc.
-Create your very own music that could be remixed for the game,Like new Party music.
-Other creations or unique ideas that could be made
Can't wait to see all your amazing drawings on the main blog:)!
I think bit had an awesome idea.i think more players are starting to draw now.Good Luck !

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