Friday, August 31, 2012

The News Day 14!


Today i write about:

1. The New Moderator

2. The Beach Party

3. The Badge from Jake :D

4. New Update

So we begin with the new Moderator Yaniv ( Vchobot1 )
 He is now an Moderator congratulation to him :))

Great Job !

Now Here are some Pic's from the Beach Party :))

Nice not ??

Now look at Jakes badge :D

He have a xD Developer Badge :O LOL

Look at the new update if you want to know if a Moderator is in the this room
you can see it with the new Update:

The Mod's has Red name cards :)
Thanks Chobots Team Great Job :)

So thatw a sit from the post Hope to see you in Chobots :))

Monday, August 27, 2012

Updates,Updates and more Updates !!


Today i have a lot to report.
The chobots Team made a lot great things for us :) 

1. We have new items
2. We have messages Updates
3. We have Friendlist's Updates to

First one look at the Messgaes Updates :
To write messages has a new design nice not ?

If you want to invite friends you can write now why or because.

The Friendlist has a little update too look:

you see they have now a space :))

and for the new items check the magic shop, the shop for get the newest items :)



Monday, August 20, 2012

The News Day 13!

Heey an Welcome to the part 13 of a The News post.

We begin with the Lag party yesterday.

Chloe made a little Lag party for us in The cafestreet here some pics :P

After the paryt Jake made The Hangman game with prize!!
Here are some pic's too:

Thanks Chobots Team !

The Chobots Team made a new great job too in the shop catalog look:

We can buy now Magic's and rare stuff :))

Great Job Chobots Team :)

So that was it for today.


Friday, August 17, 2012

The News Day 12!

Heey and welcome to the part 12 of a The news post.

Vchobot1 is now a Elite Agent.
An Elite Agent can:

Congratulation Vchobot1 :))
The chobots team will choose one more Elite agent soon.
also we will have 2 Elite Agents :))

We have 5 new Agents in Chobots here are they :)

Congratulation guys :)

Do you remember Nath88 ??

He got de-moded and he is now an junior but he don't play chobots with his chobots user

So that was it for today.

hope to see you in chobots 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The News Day 11!

Heey ,

Today i have important info's for you :)

1. We have a new Mod called tikitiki.
2. We have a new Video contest !!
3. We have an new update too!!

Congratulation :)

4 days old and a MODERATOR O.o

if you want participate you must follow this rules :
Here are the rules of the contest:
- The video must be at least 30 seconds long. Try to keep it shorter than one minute.
- You must promote a minimum of 3 different advantages of being a citizen gives
- You should try to include the citizen items and pricing for the 3 citizen packages
if you need more information read the post on Main blog :

and for the last theme we have now a Cho time clock.

great idea chobots Team now we have everytime the houer for the cho party's :))

So that was it from the short The news information :))

thanks for reading


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The News Day 10!

Heey, and welcome to The News Day 10!!!!!

Oh my goodness,its the 10th The News post :O
Today i have a lot to report.

first one Cpfan chanched hes name to Art

Befor the Holiday's i searched chobots drawing's from you.
and a lot of cho's send me some picture's.
if you want to be on the next post then send me your drawing or uploaded it on tinypic an comment the link :) and you will be in the next post :)

Here are the awsome pictures...
awsome drawing by: Sweetneetu 

awsome drawing by: Fadaee

awsome drawing by: Derpyhooves

All the pictures are awsome, xdiax send me a handdrawing look:

Thanks to everyone who send me pictures :)

The last Theme is premium shop:

You can only buy 1 more pet body afterwards he will be sold out:

Ps: if you want to buy one here is the link :)

So that was it from The news day 10!

can't wait to post the next.

Tomorrow we will have new AGENT'S :OOO :P


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The News Day 9 !

Heey friends,

its time for the next The News post.
i have a lot to report :)

Today i walk around chobots and i saw this young citizen/agent :O

Grats to her :)

The chobots team deleted the Cho energy but you can find it in the money bar and if you play games or choproff you can still get cho energy.

The checker contest winners are out too.
 the winners are...

boomman , bo3lawey , blabber

Congratulation you work really hard,Good job here are the price's

1st place: 7 days Citizenship, 4000 Bugs, and 1st place medal
2nd place: 5 days Citizenship, 3000 Bugs, and 2nd place medal
3rd place: 3 days Citizenship, 2000 Bugs, and 3rd place medal

Koiz posted again the stylish chobots on the Main Blog.

And The winners are :







all the winners got 2000 bugs and 15 cho Energy

the next theme is musician themed outfits.
Good luck to everyone :D
if you have a great idea for the next theme.
then comment koiz's new post and write your idea in the comment box :D

So that was it from today and The News Day 9!

hope to see you soon!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Back from Holiday's!!!!

Heey Friends,

im back, after 3 weeks holiday's im back from the ship :)
now i will post again all week.
i saw a lot chanche in chobots :O

1. we can vote 10 new Agents
2.More stuff RARE stuff ( wings etc. )
3.the login background chachned.

Great Job chobots Team :)

that was it for today i will post soon, hope to see you in Chobots :)