Saturday, August 11, 2012

The News Day 9 !

Heey friends,

its time for the next The News post.
i have a lot to report :)

Today i walk around chobots and i saw this young citizen/agent :O

Grats to her :)

The chobots team deleted the Cho energy but you can find it in the money bar and if you play games or choproff you can still get cho energy.

The checker contest winners are out too.
 the winners are...

boomman , bo3lawey , blabber

Congratulation you work really hard,Good job here are the price's

1st place: 7 days Citizenship, 4000 Bugs, and 1st place medal
2nd place: 5 days Citizenship, 3000 Bugs, and 2nd place medal
3rd place: 3 days Citizenship, 2000 Bugs, and 3rd place medal

Koiz posted again the stylish chobots on the Main Blog.

And The winners are :







all the winners got 2000 bugs and 15 cho Energy

the next theme is musician themed outfits.
Good luck to everyone :D
if you have a great idea for the next theme.
then comment koiz's new post and write your idea in the comment box :D

So that was it from today and The News Day 9!

hope to see you soon!


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