Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Holiday's

Heeey :)

Im sorry to say that but im not online for about 2 weeks !
in germany we have "autumn Holiday's" and i will go to france !
my sister lives that and i will stay there for about 2 weeks.
i don't often go to the computer there because i have other planings!
But i hope i don't miss a lot and hope to see you soon :)
That say I DON'T QUIT CHOBOTS i only in holiday's okay i love chobots and i will never leave it :) byee hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The News Day 17!


and welcome to the part 17. of The News 
Today we talk about some information,Updates and fashion show's
We start with the theme Information!

Koiz made a new Halloween account called Theghost!
I don't know why she made the account but here is a picture about it!

We have one more information!
Fadaee the agent quit chobots :(
He was my best friend.
he got de-agent because he want to get de-agent
Yesterday he comes online for looking something here are some pictures!

We played the last one checker :(
we will miss you Fadaee !!

Next Theme is Updates.
we have 3 new updates...
first one the playscreen is now blue!

The cafestreet is now a little bit darker and have a little halloween update can you find it ?? xD

yes its board,the board looks like halloween with the witch and bats !
The pets got a new update too look!

yes right now you can choose if you want that the pet move or don't move!
Great updates Thanks Chobots Team :))
So the last Theme is Fashion show.

Yesterday star and koiz made a little fashion show with prizes!
Eathan and me won a prize!
later you can see what we won :D
So Here are some pics of the fashion show yesterday !

                                       Yeah right Eathan and me won a flower !!
                                                          i love them ty star !!!
             Ps: if you don't won never mind try it next time ;)!

And don't forgot tomorrow we will know who won the Blog contest from jake and if you don't                   submint your blog make it now here is the link:

bye hope you had fun to read and have now more information see ya !

Sunday, September 23, 2012


welcome to a new post :)
idk if you see it but in the eco shop we have new items ( masks )

Nice not ?
i think its for the animal party today at 14:00 Cho time!
don't miss it ;)
the citizen's has a new update its called citizen shortcuts look:

a great idea thanks now the F3 and F4 aren't working :/ but we have the shortcuts :D
And did you know that lauren ( the agent ) got de-agent look :(
hmmm :((
But now look at this picture what can you see ??
yes right its a user called domoshirt and he have a domoshirt with 0 age but look at the playercard he have a b boy shirt whats that ?? Fail ??
yesterday i made a new music video its called Chobots Infinity here is the youtube link :
PS: don't forgot to like,comment and subscribe pls send it to your friends !

So hope you liked it and have now more information :)
see you soon!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

500 Like Facebook Party !!

Heey :)

Yesterday Yaniv and other staff members made a awsome Party with a lot rain.
Here are some picture's don't be shocked if we are in a other place me moved all time :D
After the picture i will show you the new items in the shop and Chobots $hop.

I don't taked a lot of picture because i enjoy the party but hope you see what nice magic we had.
Now here the Rain items!

Yes right you se they rained 2 rare items ( football item and a loop )
They rained a wreath too but i missed it :( xD
So now the new items about i speak Here are they:
A iPad (you can not buy it anymore)
The Chobots Team removed it from the catalog if you buy it lucky :)

The pink wings you can buy now in the Magic shop :)
you see for only 2500 bugs :O

so that was it for today hope you had fun with readinga nd see you next time 
-Delii :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The News Day 16!


Its time for a new The News post.
i have lot of theme's:

1. Playercard
you see i have a lot to post :D
we start with Playercard's:

Jake can trade now new PLAYERCARD'S they can look like them:

 Cool no?? who want one too ??
 He can give you all colour's but he don't give everyone a special playercard you must win it!

Next Theme is Updates!

The Chobots Team deleted the Beach because the summer is over now they work on a new place
i think everyone know the place it wa sin beta time too The nicho place!!
yes right the nicho place come back :D
The Chobots Team removed the bugs panel too you can not buy bugs now they removed it!
But we have new City's :))))
Thanks Chobots Team :)

Now to the theme Badges!
The Agents has a little update too on they're badges look!

all Agent's has now a number like #16
Idk what that mean :/
But the Chobots team made a new Contest too
A Real Life contest:
You have to draw one of 4 staff member ( or more if you want :P)
More information Here:
Now to theme 5
We have 1 new staff member but we lost one too :/
The new Support Hicup

A big welcome Hicup and Congratulation :)
Now to the lost staff member smileguy 
Smileguy leave the Team idk why :/
But he is now an agent and he make a great job as a agent :)
Now to the last Theme Fail!
Look at this 2 picture what do you can see ??

Yes right they have the same name!!
but how do yaniv (not mod) has the same name like the mod yaniv ?
is that because yaniv was called Vchobot1 ??
i think :D

So im finish hope you had fun and have more information now can't wiat to post next The News Day 17!

see you soon!