Sunday, September 16, 2012

500 Like Facebook Party !!

Heey :)

Yesterday Yaniv and other staff members made a awsome Party with a lot rain.
Here are some picture's don't be shocked if we are in a other place me moved all time :D
After the picture i will show you the new items in the shop and Chobots $hop.

I don't taked a lot of picture because i enjoy the party but hope you see what nice magic we had.
Now here the Rain items!

Yes right you se they rained 2 rare items ( football item and a loop )
They rained a wreath too but i missed it :( xD
So now the new items about i speak Here are they:
A iPad (you can not buy it anymore)
The Chobots Team removed it from the catalog if you buy it lucky :)

The pink wings you can buy now in the Magic shop :)
you see for only 2500 bugs :O

so that was it for today hope you had fun with readinga nd see you next time 
-Delii :)

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