Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good and bad News !


I have 3 good news and 1 bad new.

first one ( Bad new )

Program got de-agent for the second time :/
But the good news are here :)
We have a new developer hes name is:

Congratulation :))
So we had a party too today :) Here are some Pic's :)

Thanks yaniv :)) your the best!
We have some new Citizenship items :O look they look really pretty :

i don't know what that is Update / Glitch but if you have a rain item and you catch it comes that O.o

And for the last one i Drawed me and yaniv because he is my friend xD look what do you think comment :D

So that was it for Today.
Can't wait to post the next time !!
Comment and subscribe don't forgot :))


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