Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The News Day 15 !!

Heey Heey Heey,

And welcoem to the part 15. of The News 
Today i have a much bigger post then the last post!

We beginn's with the Agent's .
The Agent's can now trade gifts.
They can give all they're items ( magic , rain items , rare items , etc.)
But not : Agent badge , Citizenship , Bugs

Thanks Fadaee and art for trade items. so here you can see that i got a gift from Fadaee and if you open the message,its look like a rain item you can click 'Use this'
or 'put in pack'

this week was a lot of moderator's online. all moderators was in the cafestreet i taked pic's.

Here you can see that jake is a developer but on this picture he isn't :O
is That the real jake or its only a fake ??
idk but i hope he isn't de-moded ://
But today i sawed a funny cho.
he/she is called ....

He/she hasn't a name its a cho with no name :O
Hacker ??

So many question but no answers :((
But i have some good news too we have a little update in chobots its called..
The Auction House

There you can bid for a item that you like and other chobot bit too.
its a hard job if you wnat to win you must have a lot of bugs and be online all the time but the items aren't for all the time there runs a countdown for 8 houers and the the auction is finished then it looks so:
auction over but everyday the Chobots Team restock the auction so you have a chance to win :))

Great idea Thanks Chobots Team!

But now The Chobots Team need your help!
They want to know what is the best name for a new city.
you can vote now on the main blog here is the poll they look so:

And now you must vote what name do you prefer!
Vote on The official Blog.

Hope you have now more information and meet me on Chobots !


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