Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Agents !!

Heeey :)
i would welcome to 2 new agents to the team.
The Chobots Team made an agent poll.
And you voted who will be the next agent.
And you choosed.....
Randomzzz and Supportful
congratulation :) i believe in you ;)

PS: Next The news post will be soon i have a lot to report ;) also don't forgot to check ;P


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Game Night and Agent Meeting!

Finally the 2rd Game night will be tonight!!
At 8 Pm Cho-Time meet use in the music stage ( old cafe )
But 1 hour before,The agent's have a meeting in the city tarantula.
When the meeting come's to the end,the game night will start's.
You can play every game,Chess,checkers,sliders,robofactory every game in chobots.
The Mods created a new item for the game night ;)
See you there :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Disco Party :)!

If you didn't see the button who is called  News 
There is written,that tomorrow at 9Pm ChoTime we have a party at the cafe.
The Party is called: Thanksgiving Disco Party.
We will have a BIG party with rain.Look what Koiz posted:

When? Thursday, November 22nd, 2012, at 21:00 (9pm) Cho-time.
Where? The CafĂ©.
Can I come? Of course! It will be awesome if you will come to the disco.
Oh, I almost forgot! If you are going to join us, don't forget to wear some funky Thanksgiving clothes, so your outfit will fit the disco theme.

Here you saw the official Chobots post !
Hope to see you there 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

autumn poetry contest!

Heey Friends,
idk if you saw it on the main blog.There is a new contest called autumn poetry contest 
sry for not posting it earlier,i was to busy.
But now im posting it and if you want to join it you must only,then you only must to follow this rules!

  •      The poem can be free-style; there does not have to be any standardized structure or rhyming present
  •      It can be any length
  •      The poem must be about autumn
  •      Use of puns are a bonus
  •      Use of rhyming is a bonus
  •      Use of word play is a bonus
  •      Do not copy from the internet, doing so will result in disqualification

This are the official rules from the main blog!!!

so good luck i can't wait to read the poems :D


Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Header :)

I hope you saw my new header.
i worked 3 hours for it.This header is for christmas.
I think its the best header i made.Because it has more users and a nice background.
I hope you lik it and don't forgot to follow and vote on the right ^side bar if you want a futured player.Perhaps its you ;)----->

Friday, November 16, 2012

New items !!

its finally Friday and we have new items in the shop.
We have new and old items back.
Here are they:
We have 2 new bagpacks in the shop.
this 2 items isn't new they re-added them back :)
strawberry bagpack cost: 3000Bugs for citizens
The corn bagpack cost: 4000Bugs for citizens

The giraffe Hat is new in the shop.
its for citizens and cost: 1950Bugs
This basketball shorts are back in the shop for juniors
cost: 1000Bugs
This firework bagpack is back in the shop for juniors 
cost: 750Bugs

This new shirt you can chanche color's and its for juniors.
cost: 3000Bugs

This are all new items in the shop let's go shopping :D

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glitch and Shop updates!

Heey :))

today i will show you what for new shop items we have and what new glitch we got!
Start's with the new shop items :))

The Chobots Team re-added new items in the shop.We have now old items back like Teddy bear and jumpy frog :)i buy the last chlo's boddy sry xD But i thinked all has this awsome boddy why me not and i buy it now lets have a look at the picture :)

Nice not? The teddy and the jumpy frog are now sold out and attention if you want to buy the V suit do it now because we have only 1 buy it hahah :)

Here you see me with the chlos boddy do i look cool xD??

And now come to the last theme to the Glitch.
In don't know if you seen but we have a big glitch in the wardrobe look O.o
O.o scared xD
But i think the Chobots team will fixed it :)


Monday, November 12, 2012

Updates !!

Heey Chobots :)

i know that im late for the updates but this weekend i was busy to post,that is because privacykid postet for me the game night results :)
But now i show you the new updates from the month november!

First one the citizen chat is now green again,not like halloween chat in grey :)

The cities are called now...

The News button got a update too look:

Can't wait to be on the Thanksgiving Disoc party what about you :)
The featured Player is sweetneetu :) congrats her :)

That are the newest updates from chobots :)
hope to see you on the game night :) the 24th november :)


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saturday Game Night!

Hey Guys,

Saturday game night was amazing there was so much magic, music and fun and everyone in the Chobots world had the chance to battle for first place on any game for 2 hours. The winners received 7 days citizenship, a trophy and 3000 bugs!

There were 15 winners at the end of game night.
Minymo123, Privacyman, Pablosan12, Carmel1011, Rage, Chobotbubble, Sweetypie22,
Pigscanfly, Ducky, coolmario88, Lola12345rocks, Theufo, Pain, Brax and flybyorange!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shopping toure with new items :)


Today i came online,and i saw a lot of user's with new items that i never saw.

And then i knew that the Chobots Team Updated a little bit the catalog's lets take a look what is new and what comes back:

The winter hat is back forJunior's
The Earmuffs are back for citizen's

This items in new in the shop too,
this item cost in
But here you get it for:
This items in new in the shop,
its a candy board for juniors
This suit is back in the shop too for juniors
The star X-MAS shirt is back for Juniors
The scarf is back for juniors
The winter mask is back for Citizen's
                                                                            The Hat is back for juniors :)
                                                                        cost: 900Bugs
The necklace is back for citizen's
cost:400 bugs

So now you see how many
X-MAS items we have
with not a lot bugs you can
have a awsome style
go shopping now :)



Monday, November 5, 2012

Staff Member's!!

Today i write with red because we have a lot of staff member's who leaved and come back :)

Smoochict the old beta player,Play again Chobots :))
awsome right i like him because he is nice to everyone he chat with everyone :)
He is not how many mods that only chat with agents.
Here ar pic of him:

A young user joined the Moderation's team too he is called Elvio
He is 99 days old and he makes great job :)

A new User joined the agent team too he is called Alien5
he is a old user but i never see him played chobots!
i asked him if he chanched his name but he hasn't :O
look at this picture :
He is 430 days old realy old :O only mods have this age do you think he was an mod ??
i think xD
So this was the good news now the bad news :/
First one Zoo leaved the support team!!
he has the support badge but in The chobots crew he isn't in the list support :O
he is an admin look:
Hmm now i know why i havent an answer of my question :/
Next bad news is that Tikitiki
leaved the staff team she is now an junior look:
she was a so good mod.
shame but everything have a reason :/

We come to the end and i hope you ahve now more information :)
and don't forgot too congratulation Smoochict and elvio :)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

The News Day 20!

Heey cho's,
its the 20th The News post. :O
was the last 19 post's interesting ??
i will see it later on my vote panel :)

but now we start with the information,we gonna talk about :

Staff member
New items
November Journalist's
Chobots Facebook
And about the new citizenship from the month november :)

So you see,Today you ebcome a lot of information :)
Okay start with the new staff member Whitney:

Whitney is 4 days old and she's and moderator.
you remember Tikitiki got it with the age 2.
So if you see Whitney Congrats her.
Im sure she wanna make a great job :))

Congratulation Whitney

We got new Item's too in the shop look :)

For Juniors 750 Bugs

For Citizen's 10'000 Bugs

The Nicho suit is back for the citizen's too 14'000 bugs
The 3D Glasses is Back for citizen's 3500Bugs

So you see we have new and old items
Back in the shop :)

Next theme is The post on the main blog:
The Chobots Team search new Journalist's
for the month November if you want to be
one comment on the post your chobots name
and your blog link and you have a chance to
win!! :)

Girls mask for Juniors 50'000 Bugs



Next Theme is The Chobots Facebook homepage:
We reached more then 600 likes!!
its awsome so next target is to have 700 likes :))
if you haven't like it like it now :))
Good luck to everyone who wnat to be one :)

So now we come to the last theme November membership:
you now its a new month and we will have new member ship
i buy the 1 month item and its awsome the rest it looks like so:

1 Month: You become the awsome Firecracker wings:)

6 Month: You become the cool Slenderman suit ( scary :d )

12 Month: And if you buy 1 year you become the Bowser suit from the game Mario!

So we come to the end and i hope you had fun and see you next time don't forgot to vote if you wnat more The News post :)!

 Good luck to everyone who want to be a journalist :)


Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween review!

Heeey ,

did you liked the Halloween party ??

we got a lot of rain and here are some picture of it :))

After i show you some other halloween things but now here are the puctures:

After them we moved to the Chlos and Party room look:


So after this awsome Party i started with the mission from Sharonda the Soul swallower

The mission is awsome and simple like chopix you must find 10 bats and give it back to sharonda if you don't know here are soem help guides:

So and if you found a  bat it looks like so !!
So and if you found the then bats,sharonda give you gift ( Halloween bagpack )
and a candy's for 1 mission you get 4 candy's
and with the candy's you can buy other halloween stuff look:

so and here you can chose what for stuf you wnat to chanche with candy's you see you must do the mission more the like 1 time if you want cool stuff:

i buy a stuff for 4 candy's then it looks like so!

           You got a gift from Witch Cauldron :)) soo i hope you know now how to do the mission and have fun !!

My Halloween Review is finish and i hope you liked it :))