Sunday, November 18, 2012

autumn poetry contest!

Heey Friends,
idk if you saw it on the main blog.There is a new contest called autumn poetry contest 
sry for not posting it earlier,i was to busy.
But now im posting it and if you want to join it you must only,then you only must to follow this rules!

  •      The poem can be free-style; there does not have to be any standardized structure or rhyming present
  •      It can be any length
  •      The poem must be about autumn
  •      Use of puns are a bonus
  •      Use of rhyming is a bonus
  •      Use of word play is a bonus
  •      Do not copy from the internet, doing so will result in disqualification

This are the official rules from the main blog!!!

so good luck i can't wait to read the poems :D


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