Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Glitch and Shop updates!

Heey :))

today i will show you what for new shop items we have and what new glitch we got!
Start's with the new shop items :))

The Chobots Team re-added new items in the shop.We have now old items back like Teddy bear and jumpy frog :)i buy the last chlo's boddy sry xD But i thinked all has this awsome boddy why me not and i buy it now lets have a look at the picture :)

Nice not? The teddy and the jumpy frog are now sold out and attention if you want to buy the V suit do it now because we have only 1 buy it hahah :)

Here you see me with the chlos boddy do i look cool xD??

And now come to the last theme to the Glitch.
In don't know if you seen but we have a big glitch in the wardrobe look O.o
O.o scared xD
But i think the Chobots team will fixed it :)


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